Clan wars! The biggest update in Clash history is here!

✔ Fight clan versus clan in strategic showdowns full of bonus loot!

✔ Fill your clan's War Log with the details of each epic fight!

✔ Participate in clan wars at no risk to your resources, shield or trophies.

✔ Battle for two new achievements: War Hero and Spoils of War!

Clan castle renovation

✔ Rally huge clan support with Clan Castle level 6!

✔ Clan Castles now protect war loot payouts and are lootable in battle!

✔ Higher level Clan Castles hold more loot. Collect it whenever you like!

✔ Surprise! Only clan members can see what troops are hiding in the Clan Castle.

Gem overgrowth is BACK

✔ The Gem Box is back so keep an eye out for these mysterious boxes packed with gems!

✔ All Gem Boxes will now give more gems than the original ones. We’re sorry for the long wait!

Interface and Player Support improvements

✔ If you’re not in a League, your attacks won / defenses won statistics will not be shown.

✔ Confirmation button added to Global chat reporting. Report responsibly, Chief!

✔ New Help Center is now available! The first version is in English and you can find it under Settings -> Help and Support -> More Help.

Balance tweaks

✔ Decreased the cost of the Clan Castle level 5 upgrade

✔ Slightly increased HP of level 8 Laboratory

Many more bug fixes, tweaks and performance improvements