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    Clan Wars Matchmaking - How to get a match

    Hey Chiefs,

    Just a quick few tips about finding a Clan Wars match:

    • It can take anywhere from ten minutes to one hour to find your match, depending on your time zone, clan size and composition!
    • The quickest way to find a match is to start matchmaking and leave it be until the match is made. Cancelling and restarting the matchmaking process will not make finding a match any faster. In fact, it will make the process much, much slower!
    • Feel free to close the window while your match is being made. You do not need to leave the matchmaking window open in order to enter a Clan War
    • You can also log out of Clash while your match is being found. You will receive a pop-up notification that you have entered the preparation day of the clan war, and can start getting your clanmates organized!

    Clash On, and good luck out there... this is WAR!!!!!

    Steve / Supercell
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    Is there an alert once the match has started?
    What happens if multiple CL try and start one at the same time?
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    Awesome, thanks for the info!
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    Woohoo!!!! Thanks for the info and keep it up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beagle21 View Post
    Is there an alert once the match has started?
    I think so, if not then that would create problems.
    Quote Originally Posted by Supercell
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    front page

    EDIT: Looks good steve, still says its under maintenance and i cant wait!
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    So as clan leader i can start a clan war search and then go offline and it will continue searching?

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    It could take a hour!? wow.

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    Can you raid while searching for a clan?

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    Thanks for the info but i did not get my update yet i am using android

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