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    Please send any contest info to me how do we find out about more

    tnx so much!
    How to we find out about every contest can you send the contest info out to email or any special things we can compete for and win at hay day thanks

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    Ok the way I understand it the monthly "contest" is not an actual contest that you can compete for. It is more of an award for participating in the forum. If you look back at the past "winners", you will notice that they are usually for being a helpful and contributing member of the forum.

    Now there is a regular featured contest on Facebook, which is usually a counting type contest. They will post a graphic with a certain product featured and you have to guess or count the number of them. Also sometimes they run a 'spot the difference type of contest here where you have to pick the odd graphic out of a group as either being different or an imposter. All you can really do to participate in these is to visit the Facebook page frequently and monitor this board for new threads.

    Hope that helps

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    Thanks to Red (again) for the picture !!

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    Sweet victory tiger. Nice one.

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