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Thread: READ BEFORE POSTING - Ideas & Sub-forum Guidelines:

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    READ BEFORE POSTING - Ideas & Sub-forum Guidelines:

    Below are some ideas submitted by players for Supercell to consider. It does not imply that they are being worked on. Please do a forum search before starting new feature requests, especially if they are listed below.

    Zombiebender's guide to searching the forums:

    Major Additions:

    Defensive Structure Related:
    • HQ has defensive capabilities (shoots/fires at troops).
    • Troops to defend your island
    • Added protection for the defensive buildings (sandbags, etc) increasing health.
    • Protection from gun boat abilities
    • Healer building

    Other Buildings Related:

    • More Collectors (Wood, Stone, Iron)
    • "Boosting" of Resource collectors and Landing crafts
    • Moving landing craft around to any order you would like.
    • Ability to change colors of Gunboat/troops/buildings
    • Different skins/upgrades for the docks

    Troop Related:
    • Venterancy: the longer they survive the better stats they will have
    • Visual difference to the troop levels
    • Tanks exploding when they die

    New Troops Type Requests:

    • Troop that boosts stats of those around them, mobile mortar team, Bomb Squad (plants bombs on buildings), cyborg, brute, commando, Flamerthrower, Flame Tank, Mech Warrior, Navy Seal, Gunner with shield, Spy (building disabling), battleship, Swat team, Zealot, sniper, Rocket Tank

    Battle Related:
    • Additional defensive island protecting your base from attackers
    • Ability to find new players to attack
    • Adjust the amount of camera shaking in battle.
    • Replays of Attacks
    • "Marking" an island for attack later
    • Confirm Retreat
    • Ability to control troops differently (zookas go one way, heavies another)

    Gunboat & Gunboat Ability Related:

    • Customized flag on the gunboat
    • Naming of gunboat
    • Timer for all gunboat weapons (Smoke/Medkit/Shock Bomb)

    New Gunboat Ability ideas:

    • Napalm Strikes, airstrike, Nukes

    Trap Related:

    Other trap ideas:

    • Quick Sand, Mud, Trenches, shock trap, Water Mines

    Graphical Interface Related:

    • Always display the resources required for the next upgrade, even if you don't meet the HQ or XP level.
    • Range of the weapons displayed on info screen
    • Timer showing how long left till troop training is done.

    • Level up animation.
    • Being able to visit attackers
    • Push notification when a resource base defended/raided.
    • Push notification when an island is lost
    • Push notification when your base has been defended/raided
    • Push notification for when a friend passes you in Victory Points.
    • Village Edit mode.
    • Day/Night Time
    • Additional resources (oil, steel, etc.)
    • More achievements
    • Sounds for each of the buildings when you click on them.
    • Practice attacking your own base
    • Friendly battle of Friends (no resource reward)
    • Filling up a percentage of resource storage with diamonds (instead of only being able to buy what you need at that time).
    • Ability to "replay" Dr. Terror/Lt. Hammerman levels.

    Your suggestions do make a difference!
    The developers and moderators read every idea thread. These ideas are discussed and reported frequently within the staff and moderator circle. Some are interesting enough to be added to short-term to-do lists, some to long-term lists, some simply monitored to see if it fits a direction they want to go, and some are ruled out due to negatives overriding the positives, or if they don't fit the direction the game is headed.YOUR direct input has led to numerous in-game changes such as:

    • Animated Resource collector buildings
    • Longer Timer with your 4 hour protected game play (from 5mins to 30mins)
    • See when/how many people PASS on your base.
    • More information on the Player island popup (Loot available, if they are online, power stone type)
    • Display the upgrade screens for available researches in the Armory, even when a research is currently active.

    Lastly, before you post, please read this:
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