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Thread: Fastest DE Farming without Gems TH9?

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    lvl 5 archers + lvl 1 minions
    4 lvl5 lightning spells

    4 barracks training archers
    1 DB training minions because the other one is upgrading to max

    total : 215 troops, around 30 minions and the rest all archers.

    Archers clearing the path and use minions for deeper drills/storage, and zap cannons when needed or drills/DE storage if it was loaded. I farmed very good loots this way so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dudethatrocks View Post
    1st barracks - barbs
    2nd barracks - archers
    3d - giants
    4th - bombers

    (making them all the time)

    so I get approx 70 barbs, 50 archers, 12 giants and 12 bombers per raid (maxed troops except bombers - I'm th9)
    + sometimes I use healing spells or rage (not crucial)

    45-50k de each day (playing 8-9 hours)

    no dark troops - so it's a bit more effective
    What trophy range?

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    So, I get home right after posting in this thread and got this one on my first attack. Figured it was a half decent example of how easy BARCH is to farm DE. Normally I don't have rage spells and use all heals, but you could insert heal spells for the rage spells and it would work just as well or better.
    Normally a base like this I would just hit the mines/drills but being a dead based made the core easy.

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    You don't need boosted barracks for Brandon's army, just like any other method, makes it a LOT faster. Find what works for you, for speed go for a BAM or barch army.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaas View Post
    just boost, its a small price for a big reward
    I agree, xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by bighowie83 View Post
    use barch.
    I managed to max out heroes (lvl 40) and all DE troops without even reach 7mil HH.
    The less DE you consume in army composition, the more you pile up.
    I agree. I only use barch and am making de at a great rate. No gem or de usage.
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    Step 1, max both DE drills. That's 4800/day right there. Every three days you'll have 14.4k so that's halfway there for mid level hero upgrade.

    Thats why I decide to upgrade both De drills to lvl4 in the same time I enter into TH9. 6M elixir is needed but I think it has the highest priority in TH9 to upgrade drills non stop to lvl6. Most people think X-bow has the highest priority but heroes to lvl30 has the highest priority and I dont see anybody with lvl30 heroes before maxing all offense/defenses.

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    Upgrade drills first thing after TH9?
    You must have bumped your head somewhere. Those pathetic little drills are worthless no matter what level they're at.
    Offense Offense Offense Offense

    That is the only drum to beat after a TH upgrade. Once you have built up a strong army, you can loot all the DE you could ever want.
    My TH9 looting army is
    6 wall breakers
    23 giants
    Rest archers.
    NO SPELLS!!! They cost too much.
    Gemmed up barracks with the army set up before attacking, gives me a built army ready to go after each raid. I alternate the use of my heroes so I always have one of them.
    I have no problems with looting DE up to mid level C1 using this army.
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    I either use 100 barbs/120 archers or 8 wbs, 25 gobs, 40 barbs, 139 archers.

    No spells, but I usually carry lightning to teach those who do teslas around a th to snipe (taking their de of course)

    If I boost with AQ: I can net 30-40k in 2 hours

    I farm DE in C3

    Must be doing something right....all max troops (valk lvl 4 too lol)...BK lvl 28, AQ lvl 24. 100 or so lavas away from max th9 walls

    You can do Giants, wiz, loons, mins etc. takes way too long. Perfect your barching skills to maximize your ability to farm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Smalls View Post
    With this method my PROFIT after minion costs is always 4-6k per hour. I would be willing to wager that if I boosted barracks I could also get 10k per hour without having to keep up crystal lvl trophys and worry about getting pillaged every time I log off.

    If you guys are doing better than that I'd love to hear the strategy behind it.
    That's not bad! I think boosting is the answer. At least spell factory and heroes since BAM is a fast cooking time anyway. I make that amount as well with raged barch (spell factory and heroes boosting). You will probably make more with your comp. What's your deployment strategy?
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