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Thread: [GUIDE] Trophy pushing as a TH 9 (M1 / Champs)

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    [GUIDE] Trophy pushing as a TH 9 (M1 / Champs)

    Hi guys,

    I've seen a lot of threads asking for hints on how to trophy push as a TH 9, and I though a guide might be useful ;-).
    First, I'll speak about my experience and how I see trophy push. My trophy record is 2928, but I've stopped because I started to get bored and wanted to lego my walls & upgrade my heroes ASAP :-).
    I really think if I was patient enough I could have reached Champs.

    I'm assuming that you're currently at Cristal 1 or Master 3 and willing to get these last 800 trophies. Reaching that amount of trophies should be too hard using hogs, bloonions, or even barching. If you're need to reach Cristal 1 first, you can still use this guide to reach it, however, it might not be the most efficient.

    1. Prerequisites

    I'll start with the basics. Some might be obvious, but anyway...

    • You must have max lvl balloons,
    • You must have max lvl minions,
    • You must have max lvl rage, heal and lightning spells
    • You must have lvl 4 spell factory (to hold 4 spells)
    • You must have both lvl5+ heroes (for the capacity), should have both lvl10 or 15+ heroes,
    • You must have lvl 4 CC, should have lvl 5 CC
    • You must have an active clan, your CC should be full at every attack

    2. General informations

    The key to getting up there is patience. I'll speak later about the attacks / defense strategies, but you'll have to be online a lot. Training time is (a bit) long, spells and heroes are a PITA...
    You'll have good days, where you can end up winning 60 to 100 trophies. And bad days, where you'll loose 100 ones - yup, you'll be mad !
    But, c'mon dont you want to get this next to your name ?

    I really think that you should try the attack strategy at C1 / C2, to be sure to master it. It only takes one mistake to lose 30 trophies. Training will result in a much higher success rate : you'll know how many troops you'll need for each area, which base you can attack, and most importantly which base you can't.
    Take a few days to master completely the strategy before starting your trophy push, in a trophy range where it's not important if you loose. Just to perfect your strategy.
    Learn the how many hits a balloon / minion can take from each defense. What to attack if you have 49% and only two minions left...

    3. Defense strategy

    I'll start with the defense strategy because there probably will less informations here. If you have a max TH 9, you can probably still win defenses up to 2700, even if it's rare.
    You will need an anti-hog base. From my experience, you will get hogged 70% of the time, bloonioned 20% and GoWiWi 10%. Without an anti-hog base, you'll loose a lot of trophies. With an anti-hog, you can often limit it to 1 or 2 stars.

    My base hold up pretty well up to 2800, I never won a defense after :

    I don't say you need to use it, just find a good anti-hog base that you like. Keep in mind that the placement of your traps is the most important thing of an anti-hog base. And a lot of bases like the Ringus are well known and god clashers will know when / where to put spells to crush you.

    When you log off, always have your CC full with :
    • Wiz
    • Witches
    • Archers
    • Minions

    Other point, try to log off with both your heroes awake. Loads of hoggers bring only a few troops to clean up when the hog have done the job. If you can make him use a lot of hogs / troops to lure both heroes and CC, it'll be harder for him to get two stars.

    When you log off, you'll get attacked within the next 2 minutes above 2800. Which means you'll probably get attacked during the personal break limitation, if your network drops...
    Under 2800, you can probably get 15 minutes without get attacked.
    You'll probably loose from 10 to 30 trophies every time. My point being : if you break your shield, be sure you'll win more trophies than the next attacker will take from you. For instance, if your network in unreliable, you get attacked, be sure that you can play enough to win what you just lost + the cost of the next defense. And when you're trophy pushing, taking a 12 hours break to enjoy real life can be nice ;-).

    Also, don't hope not to get attacked while your troops are cooking.

    4. Attack strategy

    We'll use... 24 balloons, 50 minions, 2 rage, 1 heal & 1 lightning ! (48 minutes cooking - without spells).

    Our goal is one star. Don't go for two. I mean it. If you try to get to the core, you'll face lvl 3 disco infernos which will destroy your balloons and minions so fast that you wont even see it !
    We only want to pick the AT, WT, AD on the sides and then send only a few minions to clear the rest of the buildings and get 50 %.

    Take your time ! You'll rarely use the whole 3 minutes.
    Next, and forget about the loot. Until you find a base your comfortable attacking. Don't attack a base because you're out of gold / bored. A lost will mean -30 trophies, so around 3 hours of one staring bases... Don't attack unless you're 99% sure you can 1 star it.

    Don't attack unless you have at least three spells, your CC full, and if you can, your heroes. You'll often need this to get 50 %. If you need to wait ten minutes for a hero to wake up, wait. Patience, once again, is the key.
    Use it in this order :
    1. Default troops (Balloons / Minions)
    2. Spells (they are more useful when there's a lot of troops)
    3. CC (you can ask for troops every 20 minutes, so you can have it at every attack)
    4. AQ or BK (or both, depending on how many % you'll need. If you still have spells, heroes under rage / heal can do some damages too).

    Ask for bloons, minions, dragons, wizard or witches in your CC. Use it if you see the battle's going to be hard, or to get the last % / kill the AQ. (I like the last option, because, it's harder to get 50% with the CC - only one spawn point, no control on which troop gets out...)

    It is very important to lure the AQ & CC first. A CC full of lvl 6 wiz will destroy your balloons in a single shot... Use a balloon to lure them if you have to, but do it. Then, lighten the CC troops and bring the AQ in a corner to kill her. Use the smallest amount of minion possible, or your CC, depending on what's in it.

    Picture which building you want to destroy, and deploy a few balloons to take care of it. Then, just send a few minions to clear the rest. This seems very basic, and it is. With time, you'll learn how many balloons each buildings / area takes (this is where training is important ;-))...

    A few things that can help :
    • If you have to drop your heroes, end the battle ASAP after the 50%. High level heroes are very lazy and sleep for a long time.
    • A lightning spell won't kill lvl 6 wiz. But it will weaken them a lot.
    • If you have to kill a bunch of wiz with minions, drop them slowly, so they won't get all destroyed at once
    • Attacking a base without an AQ is a plus.
    • A lightning spell will destroy a builder's hut and an hero base. this can be useful at 48/49%, you can even get two if they're really close
    • If not hit by anything else, a balloon will kill an AT, not matter what level. Use this whenever you can.
    • If you are willing to use gems, boosting spell factory/heroes helps a lot (I don't gem but I still got the 1000 from my latest push to Masters)

    5. FAQ

    • Q : Why is the FAQ empty ?
    • A : Because nobody asked anything yet.
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    Hello! I think it would be a plus if you post some pictures of the types of bases we should attck, the ones we should skip and even better if you had some gameplays to share

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7ony View Post
    Hello! I think it would be a plus if you post some pictures of the types of bases we should attck, the ones we should skip and even better if you had some gameplays to share
    This would be incredibly helpful!
    But all in all I have to say that this is an amazing guide! Great job

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    I actually farmed my way up to 2727.

    I stopped at that point because I decided to upgrade my heroes, and I noticed that bases got significantly more difficult after 2680.

    Unless you have tons of time, don't push to champ as a Th9. It's just too painful imho.
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    My best push is 2545. I never pushed again since. That was like in January and I never received troops

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    Honestly you dont need loons to make M1/Champs, i js did a push hit masters 1 with barch, if i wasnt burnt out i probally could have hit champions league. But on topic about the guide, nice job with it, if you can try to make some videos on the base or put pictures in it
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    You are using the 2.0 version, which was only halfly done in my contribution to OJM's thread. I didn't post anymore there because cakework has retired and the thread was dead. But I have continued it myself. You should try out v3.0 trophy version, it's in my sig. I have 6-7 end-users in my clan and it seems like overall feedback is better than v2.0, in fact I made champ with v3.0 too.

    I believe v3.0 can help you go up a few more cups easily. The happiness of gaining net cups overnight effortlessly just by defending ended at around 2970. After 3150, I have won only 3 defenses in my previous season push a few weeks ago. So expect only one win per 5 days at champs.

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    @7ony, @Zerdonex :
    Thanks for all your feedbacks. On my next push, I'll try to add pictures of common bases, what to attack, and what you shouldn't.
    But again, I think training is the most important step on this tutorial. After a few days, you should know by yourself what you'll be able to crush.

    @Inquisitor :
    I think there are a few "walls" that are hard to go. I remember 2750->2800 and 2900->2950 was very hard whereas 2800->2900 wasn't... I guess it's a question of luck, patience and training

    @ClashinZach :
    I'm probably the worst clashes ever with barch, that's why I'm use ballons. However, I'm impressed, barching M1 with only 220 camp space... Congrats ;-)

    @llvindvior :
    Yeah, I took the base from this thread. thanks very much for the v3, I'll definitely have a look!
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