Here are my responses. Really cool but very hard!
1. Beek on the bird topiary, one has one the other doesn’t
2. Statue has a tooth missing on one picture
3. One large cherry tree has 5 roots at its base, the other has only 4
4. The large rock in the bottom right hand corner by the tree, one has an extra ‘spot’ on the right side of the rock than the other
5. The ‘roof’ to the bench swing, there is an extra board on one than the other
6. The daisies in the grass in the upper left hand side of the picture, one has 7 while the other has 6.
7. One pond with the yellow flowers has a reflection of the flowers in one and not the other.
8. Wheel barrel in one picture has a shadow and the other does not.
9. At the foot of the statue to the left of his feet, there are 3 flowers. Two are orange and one yellow in one picture and two yellow and one orange on the other.
10. THERE IS NO #10!