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    Welcome to the Forums!

    Hey there, welcome to the Supercell Forums! I speak on behalf of all here by saying, I hope you enjoy your time here

    If you have any questions of any kind that relate to Hay Day, you can make a thread by:
    • Clicking the green 'Make a New Thread' button located in the top left, or bottom left of the page
    • Making a title on what the subject of your question is
    • Asking your question in an understandable format
    • Clicking the 'Submit New Thread' button on the lower right hand side of the text box

    Want to comment on an already existing thread?
    • Open the thread you want to comment on
    • Click the green 'Reply' button located on the top and bottom of the page
    • Type in what you want to say, and make sure it is understandable, and also respectful

    Want to reply to certain person's post? You can do this by:
    • Finding the post you want to reply to
    • Clicking the 'Reply With Quote' button the lower right side of that post
    • Typing in what you want to reply with to that post

    Want to reply to multiple people's posts in the same reply?
    • Find the first post you want to reply to.
    • Find the 'Reply With Quote' button as you did above, but don't click it!
    • Go directly to the right of that button, and you will find a 'Multi-Quote This Message' button.
    • Click that button on all the posts you want to reply to.
    • After you have selected all the posts, click the regular green 'Reply to Thread' button.
    • All the posts you selected will appear there. Type want you want to say directly after the [/QUOTE] section of each post.

    Want to customize your account with avatars and signatures?
    • Click the 'Settings' button on the top right of the screen
    • On the left, you will see a section called 'My Settings' with options including 'Edit Signature', 'Edit Avatar', and 'Edit Profile'

    • For Signature: Click the 'Edit Signature' button
    • Scroll down a little, until you see the 'Upload Signature Picture' section
    • If you have a picture that you want to use as your signature on your device/computer, click the 'Browse...' button in option 2
    • Select the signature you want (NOTE: The picture can only be 500x100 pixels big)
    • After it loads, click the 'Insert Signature Picture' button above it
    • To add text with your signature picture, simply type in what you want it to say.

    • For Avatar: Click the 'Edit Avatar' button
    • Like the signature, click the 'Browse...' button and select the picture you want to be your Avatar

    • For Location: Scroll to the bottom of the screen and find the Location option with a text box beside it
    • Type in the location you want (Does not have to be a location. Can be anything you want, so get creative)

    Want to add friends on the forums?

    • Go the 'person you want to be friends with's profile
    • Click the 'Add as Friend'
    • You will be taken to a confirm screen, but you will click 'Yes'
    • The friend request will be sent, and they can confirm or deny

    Want to talk to someone privately?
    • Go to the profile of the person you want to talk to privately
    • Click the 'Send Private Message' button located on the right side of their profile, under their profile picture
    • Type in the Subject/Title of what you want to say, and also the actual message
    • Remember to be respectful to that person

    Want to make your profile stand out?
    • To change the color of your profile, you have to open your profile
    • In the upper right side of your profile, there is a 'Customize My Profile' button
    • If you click that, it will open up a screen where you can change the color of the buttons, of the main background, and change the font of the text.'
    • To do this, click on the little square boxes that represent the current color, and you can edit it.
    • After you are satisfied, click the 'Save' button on the top
    • Note: Don't click the 'Default', 'Revert, or 'Exit' buttons unless you want to change the colors back to what they were when you started

    Some people have different titles above their avatar. What determines that?

    • ​This is determined by the number of posts you have.
    • Here is the list:
      0-9: Fresh Spawn
      10-38: Trainee
      39: Kitty
      40-49: New Guy
      50-99: Junior Member
      100-198: Centenial Club
      199: Troll Food
      200-332: Senior Member
      333-337: Crab Claw
      338-498: Senior Member
      499: Village Maiden
      500-665: Pro Member
      666: Illuminati
      667-749: Pro Member
      750-877(?): Super Member
      878(?)-884(?): Warriors Are OP
      885(?)-999: Super Member
      1,000-1,499: Milenial Club(no special title at 1,337 posts)
      1,500-1,666: Forum Veteran
      1,667-1,668: I'M BATMAN
      1,669-1,999: Forum Veteran
      2,000-2,999: Forum Elder
      3,000-3,999: Forum Superstar
      4,000-4,999: Forum All-Star
      5,000-6,999: Forum Champion
      7,000-7,999(?): Forum Hero
      8,000(?)-???: Forum Legend
    • Thanks to 966Souchou for putting this together! Will try to update as often as I can, when new titles are found

    Though most people get new titles by posting, some get special titles from the Supercell Staff to shjow their appreciation for their contribution to the forums. Those include:

    Want to edit your post?

    • Find your post you want to edit
    • Click on the bottom right of the post where it says 'Edit Post'
    • Change the text to what you want it to say, and click 'Save'

    Want to delete your post?

    • Find your post you want to delete
    • Click on the 'Edit Post' button on the bottom right
    • Click the 'Delete' button
    • Check the bubble for deleting your post, and click the 'Delete' button again
    • Note: You cannot delete a thread, or the first post on a thread you made. You have to be a moderator to delete threads, regardless of whether or not you made the thread.

    Want to add a picture to your post?

    • Go to
    • On the top, there is a little cloud-like button.
    • This is the 'Upload A Picture' button, so click it
    • Follow given instructions
    • Once it has uploaded, you will see the option to change the format directly above the picture on the right.
    • Change it to BBCode format, and Copy&Paste the BBCode in your post

    Also, take a minute to read these forum rules and be sure not to break any while posting

    Also, before posting anywhere on these forums, read the Stickies that are located on the top of every Sub-forum (These stickies will be a slightly different color than regular threads)

    Remember, have fun here, and make some new friends!
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