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    Post Main Topic Guides and threads HERE ---->

    Trade at your own risk!!
    Unfortuantely there are dishonest farmers who will not complete the transaction or will scam you out of the promise items etc. Trading outside of the newspaper is always done at your own risk and is not supported by Supercell if problems arise because there are so many reasons why a trade can go wrong and obviously it is not a game feature but something people have come up with.

    We don't allow name and shame on the forum when a trade has gone bad regardless of the circumstances. If we happen to see any posts or threads like these will be removed and may result in an infraction.

    Please be careful when trading and hopefully you will find a good deal.
    Happy farming. Mod Team

    Here is a collective easy reference for new users and daily users alike as many useful threads get buried.
    Not in order of any sort.
    All topics are useful and will be added to or deleted as time and popularity goes by.

    *Just click the text to open

    Getting started with Game Center

    Guide Book
    A helpful guide for Hay Day that includes price of items,levels needed and funds for machines.

    New Town Guide
    A guide for Hay Day's Town hat includes reputation level, price, and items required for buildings; upgrade requirements, capacity, and other useful info (in progress)

    All about boats Guide
    A helpful guide aboout boats and the different boat related features

    All about pets
    A helpful guide about the pets in Hay Day.How to purchase and whats needed to purchase and much more

    All about Postman Alfred
    A helpful guide about postman Alfred in Hay Day. How to send and receive thank you letters and gift cards and much more.

    Official fishing guide
    Help for you fishing needs

    Neighborhoods Q & A
    Neighborhoods Questions & Answers

    Wheating: a guide to obtain lots of expansion items, saws, axes and mining equipment.

    Double-Tap Diamond Confirmation
    Wondering where the Double-Tap confirmation is and where it is not?

    Share Game Center ID

    Share your Game Center Name with others to be friends.
    This will allow you to interact in the game.

    Share Facebook

    Share your Facebook with others to be friends.
    This will allow you to interact in the game.

    **The Number One Rule of trading (please read completely):

    *Please also note that trading out of the newspaper is at your own risk and NOT supported by Supercell if problems arise.

    Trade Expansion items -Make a Deal
    Trade expansion items to update your silo and barn. *

    General items -Make a deal
    Trade general items you need with friends. (non expansion materials)

    Boat delivery help requests (part 2)
    Find help with your boats and follow the thread for your co-op achievement.

    Turbo Trucker achievement
    Turbo Trucker advice and help

    Post a picture
    How to post a screen shot, link or YouTube clip on the forum.

    Forum search 1

    Forum search 2

    A guide on how to use the search feature of the forum

    **Please also report Spam by using the triangle ∆ button below the spam post to help the moderators clean up our community.
    This sends an email alert and will be deleted and the spammer banned once seen.**

    Most of all HAVE FUN!!

    You Know You've been playing Hay Day too long when
    Just for fun

    This main guide thread is intended for help among players and is a collective of players topics.

    Follow this link for your forum leaders. Non staff mods are the names listed in green
    Happy to help with any question you have regarding the forums or the games.
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    Short example member fishing video *see link above for the official thread

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