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Thread: How often do you "cast off" boats and why?

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    This is how you cast off boats:

    Do not fill any crates.
    Do not flag any crates.
    Click the boat icon on the bottom right hand corner of the "load crates" screen. It is the same button you usually click to send the boat.
    It will say "are you sure?" and you will click "yes cast off"

    that's it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ilovehayday View Post
    If it's better used elsewhere, adios boat! I cast off any boat asking for all dairy, sugar, seafoods. I also cast off boats asking for jam, unless I have it in stock. If it wants two types of jam, I cast that off too. I just had a boat ask for two types of jam last week and I'm pretty attached to my jams. I sometimes cast off boats asking for large numbers of popcorns, depends on if I feel like making or looking for it. Just as I am a lazy fisher, I am a lazy boat supplier.

    "I'm pretty attached to my jams." HA HA HA HA LOVE IT!!!!!! I thought I was the only one attached to my produce..... apparently not!
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    Boat orders

    This was a big mistake, as I finished the first boast yesterday and next Wanted 3 crates of knit hats, cookies and popcorn, we should now a week in advance on what to expect, the next boat wants fish and I have been refusing all orders with fish as I haven't began fishing., and not advertised in paper.

    Hay Day ops...change so everyone benefits filling orders like a community business and give at least 24-48 hours to fill. The thank you cards can be sent at the time of payment.

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