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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseJames2013 View Post
    Absolutely, because tons of time, elixir and gold(meaning real money) are poored into building costly defense that would be shattered with 200 overpowered archers at a low cost of 40k in elixir.

    If they attack q at least pay (With time and money) lol jajaja
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    The servers are ridiculously slow today. What's the deal supercell?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bg1zzle View Post
    With all due respect sir, you gotta be blind, or amateurs, or both.
    Giving the upper hand to defenders kills the incentive of attacking higher levels, you basically forcing people to search for much weaker opponents in order to avoid losing. People like challenges but there's no challenge going after someone who has uber defences, the farmers who abused the ♥♥♥♥ out of the system to get their defence at max are now almost untouchable with this update, congrats.

    To sum it up:
    - No more incentive/challenge attacking a higher level.
    - Rewards the farmers and their uber defences by making it almost impossible for those who joined after the patch.
    - Encourages the attackers to search for weak villages to reduce the risk of losing.
    - Decreases and slows down the attacking process in general making it less fun for all.

    Good job.
    I think you are looking a little too much into this update. They didn't upgrade defense's to an "uber" level. They only increased the damage for defenses ABOVE level 5, and they increased them slightly. You shouldn't be expected to attack players several levels above you, why not attack the players with your same level? That would be the fair choice.

    The players at a high level are not 'untouchable', they still have to fight amongst one another, they have to play at least once or twice a day to renew shield, and if they have much higher trophies than you there is little to gain, and much to lose by attacking you.

    The problem with people abusing their high levels to purposefully lose trophies, now that is still a problem in the matchmaking system. I do expect them to fix it though.
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    Did supercell fix them nuclear bomb yielding balloons?
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    Is this update region based? I do not see an update on iPad /Iphone yet...

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    I enjoy challenges. It's the risk vs. reward that I object to. i.e. Risk 30 cups if I lose vs. Reward 1 cup if I win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rauta View Post
    Today we put live an update which is all about the balance between attacking and defending. Looking at the data we have about the battles, it seems that the attacker usually has too big of an advantage, even if the players have the same level of village and are around the same amount of trophies. This is why we decided to improve the defenses in this update.

    In order to make the game challenging and fun to play, we need to strive to keep a good balance between the offense and defense. When there is a good balance, the matches should offer you a good challenge when the players participating have even stats.

    Even while this update makes the attacking a bit more challenging, it should also help you guys to keep the trophies that you are able to win. Your defenses will also be stronger, so you now have a better chance of winning defenses when you log off from the game. You might have to revise your battle tactics though, as some of the changes will affect certain units more than others.

    Please let us know what you think about the changes!
    Just wondering who comes up with these updates? is it just techs who dont play the game sitting there thinking these tweaks will work to cover up the mis-matches or is there actual data sheet that says this will work?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rauta View Post
    Cannons, Archer Towers and Teslas were improved at upgrade levels above level 5. I'd rather not say the exact numbers, as these will be outdated when we next make a balance update
    Thanks for the update, this is a good step in the right direction. This should help a bit towards archers spamming etc...

    Though the higher levels attacking lower levels trophy system still needs to be adjusted also for correct balance. Looking forward to the next update.

    Quote Originally Posted by Geraldjo View Post
    The servers are ridiculously slow today. What's the deal supercell?
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    the huge problem i have with this game are the following

    - People that abused the ♥♥♥♥ out of the glitches are so far in front its not funny. people like me who have just started are far behind and get raped when attacked.

    - spending 30-40k on looking for a base i can attack worth more than 1 trophy, then getting raped 2 sec later buy a guy 20 levels above me with 1000 more trophies and losing more than what i can gain in attacking.

    even with the match making as it stands i get to choose;

    A) A level 65 with 2000 trophies all level 10 def, around 10k gold etc and worth 1 trophy.

    B) A lvl 20 with 1000 trophies bugger all gold and still get 1 trophy.

    c) Spend 40k worth of gold finding a base worth more than 4 trophies.

    you guys need to seriously work on it as something is not right. why even attack when you get no trophies and then get ganked by a guy 20 levels above you just to get all your gold etc..

    I am lvl 43 with 1566 trophies and find it very hard to get a good match at all.
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    I honestly believe that they're looking into more balancing updates.

    The trick with any kind of development is being able to blend what people are asking for with what they don't even know they want yet in a manner that's flexible to adjust etc.

    We don't know how many developers they have, or how many are solely devoted to CoC. If they're a smaller shop the number isn't going to be huge in either regard. From their jobs page it looks like they're hiring client/server developers - so they may be looking to address the problem in that manner as well.

    I develop web utilities for about 100 users within the company I work for. When I have active projects in development I could be adding a requested feature every day for a month and still not please everyone - in fact some folks requests contradict eachother.

    If anyone here has played travian they have a lot of similar traits, it's taken them years to take that game to where it is now so you have to give the kids time to grow, so to speak.

    I wouldn't be so quick to be slamming anyone who is a public face for the company - they're here to help but can't please everyone either.

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