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Thread: Level 77 th9 looking for a decent farming clan

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    Level 77 th9 looking for a decent farming clan

    Hey my name is Jaxon I am from Perth, Australia. I love to surf and play CoC
    I am looking for a clan that is atleast level 70+ with level 5 archers. I am a premature town hall 9 but all defences are near max for th9.

    I don't mind pushes in clan but I really want to farm for a while.

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    Adults # About

    Adult clan looking for mature members!! - All adults over the globe are welcome to join us!

    Very high lvl players willing to help! Relaxed clan.

    Im 22 and from Belgium, and our leaders are from all over the globe. We are hoping to find farmers from all continents.

    Clan Castle fills in seconds at every time, we are good donators.

    Please check out our official recriument thread for more information about how to join our Clan!

    To join you need at least one lvl 5 troop and good attitude (priority). We look for Nice people with no foul language (family guys needs mature behavior).
    Our top player is Pete on lvl 112 and maxed troops

    We have also Glassboard for clan chat to keep in communication everytime!

    Adults # About Elder
    Pex (#G9PVQROJ)
    Invictus Beasts (#80Q2G8UC)
    Fairplay farming/donation clan - Optional relaxed wars - High donations
    Apply in-game or through discord @Pex#1683

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    Adults ! World Clan: Join us! Few open spots

    Adults 21+ with Level 4 troops and TH8 are welcome. Unlimited requests within a 1:3 ratio, just donate 100/week.

    We are a friendly group of adults that enjoys a good chat while sharing troops to help one another on Clash of Clans. Members from all over the world, active chat 24/7 and a tight welcoming group, together for over 6 months.

    Rules and requirements in our clan page for info.

    Contact us also at and on

    *** If we are full please send us an email. post, or a pm and we'll let you know when a spot clears ***

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    Join us!

    Join our clan, MIGHTY PEOPLES! We generally donate lv 4/5 troops, I am a new TH8! We are a nice and active no drama clan!

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    Not sure if you picked out a clan yet but you would most likely like our clan TECKADEMIC. We are a group of about 40 members right now and tight knit, a majority of us know each other in real life and through friends and co-workers. We like to keep things fun and jovial around the chat and we donate extensively.

    A little of the stats, the last two cycles, we donated an average of about 12k troops as an entire clan. Most of the troops donated are level 4+. We have dragons level 3, wizards level 5, archers level 6, and giants level 6, and minions 2-4+.

    The leaders and elbers donate EXTENSIVELY and we are on most of the day. We have a 98% participation rate of at least 250+ donations per cycle for the lower ranker members and at least 700 on average for higher ranked members. We have a handful that donate 2k plyus per cycle with some members closing in on high 3k low 4k.

    Hope you will come check us out and see how you like it for yourself.

    If you request put jagz forum, and they will accept you.

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    Stealing your loot, get back to the game.
    Hello there!

    The Uprising Family consist of three clans
    The Resistance, The Revolution and The Insurgence
    We are an active family clan with people ranging from Town Hall 6 And higher Do Check us out. Click the link to our clan page.

    What we do

    Have fun and enjoy coc
    Clan pushes every first three day of the month (applies to res and rev)
    Members from around the globe
    Clan Castle filled in fast
    Requests always respected
    Our own Active Chat where all 3 clans can talk together
    Tips and Tricks
    Glass board for chat and socialising.

    The insurgence is our newest clan, we're accepting new players and old with min req of lvl30+
    request in game or post in this thread

    If you are interested, feel free to reply on our thread! or Find our clan with the white and blue halve

    Hope to see you soon.

    | ROBERT | Co Leader | Clan: HL WARRIOR | Level: 217| TH12|
    | Friend in Need: 200,000 + | Gold Grab: 2 Billion + |

    Click here for our recruitment thread

    Alt Account TH12+TH11+TH9

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    Builder's Hut
    Only 10 spaces left! Join now us. We love you long time
    Check it out.
    #1BillionGG Club

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    Aussie clan - "Avengers Legacy"

    we are feeder to top 150 clan "Aussie Avengers"... mainly farm with the odd push every few months. Check us out .. good levels and a good group of guys and girls
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    I think we cover all your requests.. join for a few days and see for yourself.

    Clan - " Teckademic "

    We have 40+ Members right now. - Goals are Farming and Donating.

    We have active and loyal players. 30 people here know each other in real life. Clan has been together over 6+ months.

    Last season we had 2 people with over 4,000 donations. 5 over 2,000 donations, and many others over 1,000 donations and of course a few in the hundreds here and there. Point is, the people play daily and they are active. Everyone is above age 21+. We prefer level 60+ with lvl 4+ units.

    Check us out " Teckademic "

    PS. Say "Jsn" on the invite request so I know you are from here.
    Recruiter for Teckademic
    Teckademic for War / Teckademic Farm for Farm
    Teckademic Clan Family Website

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