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Thread: CONTEST: Clash troop theme songs - Round 3 (WINNERS POSTED)

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    CONTEST: Clash troop theme songs - Round 3 (WINNERS POSTED)

    In professional wrestling or mixed martial arts, contestants usually enter the arena with a signature song playing for the audience.

    If these Clash of Clans characters were to enter an arena, pick a theme song for each troop you feel would best represent them. Remember, songs should "Invigorate" an audience.

    Round 3 - The Creatures:

    * Only one entry per person
    * Please list an artist and song title next to each troop
    * Songs should be English titles
    * Entries accepted until 00:00 GMT, Monday March 24th (8:00PM EST on Sunday, March 23rd)
    * If there are duplicate entries that win, the earliest post or edit will take precedence
    * One winner will be announced - Prize: 2000 gems

    Winner will be selected by the mods/staff based on the group of songs as a whole we feel best personify or capture the essence of the troops, make us laugh, pump us up for an entrance, or otherwise connects us with the troops.

    Winner will be posted Wednesday, March 26th.
    Wow! 887 posts over 89 pages, with over 4000 songs submitted.

    Needless to say, we've spent quite a few hours listening to music over the past few days.

    Trying to get a consensus with 12 mods and 4 staff members, spread over the globe, with different musical preferences is tough.

    So, we all selected our favorite entries and did a random draw from those, and our winners are:

    Minion: "We Will Rock You" by Queen
    Golem: "Monster" by Skillet
    Balloon: "You Dropped a Bomb on Me" by the Gap Band
    Goblin: "Take the Money and Run" Steve Miller Band
    Dragon: "Dragon's Revenge" by Galloglass

    Minion - flight of the bumblebee - Nikolai rimsky
    Golem - titanium - David guetta
    Balloon - bombs away - B.O.B
    Goblin - billionaire - Bruno Mars
    Dragon - burn it down - linkin park

    Minion: Screaming From the Sky - Slayer
    Golem: Party Rock Anthem - ♥♥♥♥♥
    Balloon: You Dropped a Bomb on Me
    Goblin: Money (That's What I Want) - Barrett Strong
    Dragon: Great Balls of Fire - Jerry Lee Lewis

    Please PM me your in-game name and clan. If you have a somewhat common name/clan, we may need your Player ID though. To get that:

    Hit the settings button (Gear looking icon) then click "Help and Support" then "Report an Issue" then pick any of the reasons (We aren't going to send the e-mail anyhow) then it will start an e-mail which you can cancel after, but please send me the "PlayerID:" entry for your account so they can go right to it.
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    dark horse

    For the dark barracks

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    Minion: Happy (From Despicable Me 2) by Pharrell Williams
    Golem: Imagine Dragons - Demons
    Balloon: Skillet - Awake and Alive
    Goblin: Macklemore - Can't Hold Us ft. Ray Dalton
    Dragon: Ed Sheeran - I See Fire


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    First Join A Contest

    Minions : Innocene (Avril Lavigne)
    Balloons : Royals (Lorde)
    Golems : Rude Boy (Rihanna)
    Goblins : We Can't Stop (Miley Cyrus)
    Dragons : Roar (Katty Perry)

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    theme songs

    Minion: the weather girls- its raining men
    Golem: Bob seger- like a rock
    Balloon: outkast- B.O.B.
    Goblin: James brown- best things in life are free
    Dragon: Nicki minaj- romans revenge

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    Minions :Minions Banana song By: Hilarious Movie Hits.

    Golem: Macho man By: Village people.

    Ballons: 99 Luftballons By: Nena.

    Goblin: Thief By: Dan bull.

    Dragons: I see fire By: Ed Sheeran.

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    Theme Songs Should Be...

    Round 3 - The Creatures:
    Minion: Ride of the Valkyries - Wagner (Apocalypse Now)
    Golem: Gonna Fly Now - Bill Conti (Rocky Theme)
    Balloon: O Fortuna from Carmina Burana - Carl Orff
    Goblin: Yakety Sax - Rich and Randolph III (Benny Hill Theme Tune)
    Dragon: Fire Starter - The Prodigy

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    Round 3 - The Creatures:

    Richard Wagner - Ride of the Valkyries

    Golem: Rocky Theme song (

    Balloon: The balloon song (

    Goblin: hobbit song this rocks (

    Dragon: maybe the middle part of this? reminds me of this game... everytime i hear it (

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    Need to be strong [Naruto]
    for DRAGON

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    New divine- linkin park

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