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Thread: Complete base design guide for beginner/intermediate players (With 60+ base tips)

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    Complete base design guide for beginner/intermediate players (With 60+ base tips)

    A few days ago I thought it would be cool to make a complete guide on base designs. After working on it a bit, I realized I was at 1900+ posts, so I decided to make it my 2000th. I hope you guys enjoy this guide, and learn a thing or two, or ten, or thirty.


    1. where to start

    2. Beginner tips

    3. Intermediate tips

    4. Defense abbreviations, and terms

    5. Links

    6. Trap bases

    7. FAQ

    1. Where to start

    Do you want to design a base, but don't know where to start? well, you've come to the right place.

    1. What kind of base do you want?
    What kind of base do you want? Do you want a farming base, or a trophy hunting base? Obviously, if you're farming, it's probably best to have a farming base, and visa versa. Here are some important parts of both:

    Protects loot
    The town hall is easy to snipe
    Doesn't matter if the attacker gets 50%

    ---Trophy hunting---
    Protects trophies
    does this by protecting the town hall, and tries not to allow 50%

    Once you decide what kind of base you want, it's time to make the base.

    2. The core
    The first thing I do when making the base is designing the core. Here are a few things that can go in a core:

    Clan castle (always)
    Inferno towers
    Mortars (I find it best not to have them in the core)
    Dark elixir

    ---Trophy hunting---
    Clan castle (always)
    Inferno towers
    Archer towers (if at 2600+ trophies)
    Dark elixir
    air defenses

    The core should usually have 4-9 buildings inside. Here are a few cores i like:

    Town hall 8

    Town hall 9

    Note- town hall 7 cores usually work best with 3-5 buildings. Here is a core designed by binoyeti. I reached my 30 image limit, so I'm just putting a link.

    3. The second layer

    After I do the core, I make the second layer. Here is what is usually inside:

    Important storages
    wizard towers
    air defenses

    ---Trophy hunting---
    wizard towers
    air defenses
    sometimes storages to act as tanks

    The second layer is usually made of 3-6 compartments, and usually has 10-16 buildings.

    4. The last layer

    The third, and final layer is usually made of these things:

    archer towers
    storages you don't need to protect
    a few collectors if possible

    ---Trophy hunting---
    archer towers
    sometimes storages as tanks
    often a few collectors (loot doesn't matter, but this is to prevent 50% damage)

    Its goal is to limit the damage to only that layer, and make sure that troops don't get past it. The last layer often has funnels (see intermediate tip #23). Generally, it doesn't matter if the attacker breaks into the edge layer.

    5. Extra buildings

    After you finish your main design, it's time to place the extra buildings. To know how to do this, see intermediate tips #43-48.

    2. Beginner tips
    (If anyone can think of more, please comment)

    1. Have multiple compartments

    Don't just make one compartment, have more than one. With one, as soon as the attacker breaks through a wall, they have access to the whole base.

    2. Don't leave holes in your base

    If you have an empty 3x3 (or bigger) hole in your base, the attacker can place their troops there. This can really weaken your base, so don't do this.

    3. Separate loot

    If loot is what you want to protect, separate it into different compartments. Try to not have multiple storages of the same kind in a compartment, and leave at least 3 blocks between storages.

    4. Symmetry

    Symmetry makes a base even. Having a symmetrical base usually helps make it stronger. There are two kinds of symmetry: normal, and rotational. Normal means that the right side is a mirrored version of the left. Rotational symmetry means that each of the four sides is the same as the adjacent sides, but rotated 90 degrees. Here are some examples.
    Normal symmetry

    Rotational symmetry

    No symmetry

    3. Intermediate tips


    1. Convert X-junctions to T-junctions
    One big thing that can ruin a base is X-junctions. X-junctions are when four walls are connected with a single wall. Here is a picture showing an X-junction. The X-junction in the middle is joining all four compartments. Please keep in mind that the junctions around the edge are T-junctions; the middle one is an X-junction.

    The problem with X-junctions is that if one gets destroyed, all four compartments are open. To fix this, try and convert the X-junction to T-junctions. A T-junction is when three walls are joined together by a single wall. Here are Four compartments joined by T-junctions.

    2. Properly seperate T-junctions

    Now that you know your junctions, you should know how to properly space them apart. Wall breakers do splash damage, so if you have two T-junctions touching each other, a wall breaker can easily blow up both, so it's kind of like it were an X-junction. Here is a picture of T-junctions touching eachother.

    This one has them properly spaced.

    Even though having them touching is better than an X-junction, it's definantally not good, and I would recommend spacing them with at least one wall in between.

    3. Upgrade junctions and corners first

    When upgrading walls, try to upgrade junctions and corners first. Troops prefer targeting junctions instead of normal walls, so upgrading them first is a good idea. Corners often get targeted a lot, because they are the closest wall to the troop. This is why it can be good to upgrade them after you do the junctions, and before the other walls. Here is a picture with the junctions upgraded. The corners aren't, but hopefully you get the idea.

    4. Don't have exposed junctions

    One common mistake people make is having their T-junctions exposed. This is almost always not a good idea. When a T-junction is exposed, it means that it is as close to the troops as the rest of the walls, and usually it is targeted first. The first picture shows an exposed junction, and the second shows a non-exposed one. The junctions are upgraded, so you can easily identify them.

    5. Wall cushions

    If you must have exposed junctions, it can be a good idea to make wall cushions. Basically, it diverts troops away from the junction. Even though wall breakers do splash, they would rather not break through a double layer. Here is a picture of a simple wall cushion.

    You can see that the double layer makes troops not want to go to the junction. This isn't the best method, but if your base is really good except for the exposed junction, then this can be a good thing to do.

    6. No double layers

    As I previously mentioned, wall breakers do splash damage. They can easily destroy a double layer of walls, so doubling them up rarely helps. You can however, have two rows of walls with a space in between. This can be useful, but generally it's just a waste of walls.

    7. Extra walls

    You might find yourself left with a few extra walls. There are a few things you can do with them. You can push back the spawn point, make a compartment bigger, make a wall cushion (not recommended), fix an exposed junction, or something else. I would recommend pushing back the spawn point with extra walls.


    8. Triangulated splash

    Having your mortars in a triangle shape makes them even, and really helps. Doing this is also good with wizard towers. If you have four wizard towers, then make them into a square.

    9. Triangulated/squared air defenses

    This is basically the same as with the splash. Having your air defenses in a triangle or square shape really helps with evenness.

    10. Alternating point defenses

    A point defense is an archer tower or cannon. It is generally a good idea to alternate them, so you have even coverage.

    11. Multiple spots for teslas

    Having more spots for teslas than actual teslas can confuse the enemy. If you have 3 teslas, and 8 spots for them, then the attacker probably won't know where they are.

    12. Tesla placement

    I usually like to place teslas by storages. They are good against wall breakers, so it will be hard to get into the storage compartment if you put them there. You can also do some advanced funneling with them, although I'm not going to explain that in this guide.

    13. Centralized clan castle

    This, in my opinion, is the most important part of a base design. If the attacker can't lure the clan castle, then it will make the attack a lot harder, as long as troops are in it. Even if it's empty, it might make the attacker unsure, waste time trying to lure it, or just skip your base.

    14. Troops inside the clan castle

    My favorite clan castle troops are wizards and minions. Generally, the good troops to have for defense are archers, wizards, dragons, minions, Valkyries, and witches.

    15. Alternating defenses

    One thing that helps a lot with symmetry is having alternating defenses. This doesn't mean that, for example, you would have a mortar, then a wizard tower, then a mortar, ect. It means that the defenses next to a certain defense are the opposite of it. For example, you might have a wizard tower (splash) next to an air defense (air), then a mortar (splash), then an archer tower, (damage and air), ect. Try to keep air coverage, splash coverage, and high damage coverage even.

    16. Don't put mortars next to each other

    Some people use lightning spells on mortars. If you have multiple mortars within a few squares of each other, they are extremely vulnerable to lightning. You should also not put them by the dark elixir storage, because it gets lightning often too. Don't let the attacker kill two birds with one stone.

    17. X-bows

    With farming bases, x-bows are usually best in the middle. This way they can cover the whole base, and it helps a lot with defense. I usually put them on either side of the clan castle, like so.

    18. X-bows: ground or air?

    A lot of people wonder what they should set their x-bows to. Ground or air? It really depends on your base. If you have a big base, that doesn't have the buildings clumped together tightly, and the ADs are near the middle, then it's probably best to set them to ground only. If you have a compact base, and/or your ADs aren't super close to the middle, it's usually a good idea to set them to ground and air. It also depends on your trophy level. If you're at 2000 or higher, there are a lot of air attacks, so consider that when deciding what to set your x-bows to. I usually set them to ground and air, because my ADs aren't usually close to the middle, and I often farm high. Some people have one on ground only, and one on ground and air. This can be good for your average farming base.

    19. Inferno towers

    Inferno towers are probably the strongest defense in the game (besides the clan castle). Depending on what they're set to (single/multi shot), they can either kill high hit points troops easily, or shoot five targets at once. I don't have these ultra cool towers yet, but I have seen, and attacked, a lot of good farming bases that had them. Usually they are placed in the core, within rage of storages. They usually aren't right next to each other. With trophy hunting bases, they are almost always right next to the town hall, usually on either side.

    20. What to set the inferno tower to?

    Should your tower be single, or multi shot? Well, guess what. It depends on your base. (I bet you didn't see that one coming). With farming bases, it is almost always (at least 97% of the time) best to have them on multi shot. Even with trophy bases, multiple shot is usually best. Part of this reason is because setting it to multi shot cancels healing on the troops it targets, and that can be good against healing spells, and healers.

    21. Coverage

    One thing that really helps with defense is having proper coverage on all defenses. Each defense should be cover by at least: Two defenses that can shoot flying troops, one splash, and one high DPS defense (cannon, AT, tesla, IT, x bow).

    22. Defenses inside walls

    Not all your defenses have to be inside walls. As long as there are buildings in front, they don't have to be inside the base. ATs and cannons are usually the defenses not inside walls. Here is an example of a time where it's good to do this.

    Countering Certain Troops

    23. Funnels
    A common thing to do is to purposely leave a hole in a compartment with a defense, and put spring traps there. This is called funneling. Funnels attract giants, and kill them with spring traps. Here are a few examples.

    23b. Sieves
    Sieves are basically funnels that split up ranged and melee troops. These are great for labyrinth bases, especially at higher town hall levels. Often times a giant bombs goes in the sieve, to help against tier one troops.

    24. Goblin funnels

    Similar to normal funnels, goblin funnels work against goblins. To make a goblin funnel, put a collector (or useless storage) in a compartment, and leave an opening, then put bombs there. Here are some example.

    25. Archer funnels

    Similar to other funnels, archer funnels can be made. Since archers are ranged, these funnels are a bit different. These funnels usually don't open compartments. In fact, these funnels usually use up more walls. There are a few ways to make archer funnels. One way is to clump them together right in front of a mortar (first picture). Another way is to make them go towards a giant bomb (second picture).

    26. Look at defense logs to see what troops attack you

    Looking at you defense log to see what troops attack you is a great way to know what troops to counter. For example, if you're in the masters league, where hogs are very common, you might want to make an anti hog base. If you're in gold 3, giants and archers are a good thing to try and counter. If you're in silver 1, it's probably not a good idea to try and counter pekkas. Looking at you defense log can tell you what troops are common in your trophy range.

    27. Countering troops

    Each troop has a weakness. Giants are weak to funnels. Wizards aren't good when there's a giant bomb. Minions are really weak against air bombs. Once you know what troops attacks you most, try and counter them with things that are good against them. The next few tips will help you counter certain troops.

    28. Countering barbarians

    Barbarians are easy to counter by having a lot of compartments. Barbarians take a while to break through walls, so segmenting is very good against them.

    29. Countering archers

    One thing that's good against archers is having archer funnels. Another thing you can do is to have wizard towers near the edge of your base, to kill them. If you choose the wizard tower option, try and make it be targeted last. Here is an example of doing that. The other buildings get destroyed before the wizard tower.

    With this design, when the archers finally target the wizard tower, they have to be bunched up in front of it.

    30. Countering goblins

    Besides having goblin funnels, one great thing you can do against goblins is to have a ring of collectors around your base. This makes it so that instead of going towards the storages, goblins go around the base destroying collectors.

    31. Countering giants

    There are so many ways to counter giants, I can't cover them all here. I already mentioned funnels, so I won't explain them again. To counter giants, you can put spring traps in between defenses, like so.

    Giants don't like breaking through walls, so here is one example of an anti-giant thing. The arrows show where the giants go. Wizard towers are good against giants, so it will most likely be able to kill them all before it gets destroyed.

    32. Countering wall breakers

    There are a few ways to counter wall breakers. The main way is to properly separate your T-junctions (See #2). Another way to counter them is to have a builders hut compartment to attract them. Here are a few examples.

    The wall breakers target them, rather then the important compartments.
    Another thing you can do is stagger your walls. This makes wall breakers, and other troops, often target different walls.

    Be careful with this, though. If you do this, you won't be able to fit as many buildings in that compartment. (It does use the same amount of walls though).

    33. Countering balloons

    Two defenses that are really good against balloons are air defenses, and wizard towers. When placing these, make sure they are placed properly. Here is how you should place them:
    Air defenses:
    Make sure they are close to the middle. Make sure that balloons will target at least 4 defenses before the ADs.
    Wizard towers:
    Make sure that the balloons have to target at least 3 defenses before they get to the WT. This way, 2-3 balloons won't be able to destroy the WTs. Basically, make sure the balloons are bunched up by the time they get to the WT.
    Another thing that helps against balloons is having your X-bows pointed up.

    34. Countering wizards

    Wizards are extremely weak against giant bombs. One giant bomb can kill wizards in one shot. Try to place giant bombs where wizards go most. (Usually not inside the walls). Here are some examples.

    35. Countering healers

    Healers can be hard to kill, because often times the troops in front of them are being shot, not the healers themselves. ADs are, in my opinion, the best thing against healers. Try to have your ADs in the layer around the core. This way they aren't too bunched, and the attacker can't just place 3-5 hog riders (or balloons) to destroy one.

    36. Countering dragons

    Countering dragons actually isn't too hard. Here are the main things to do:
    -Have ADs very well protected, but make sure that one lightning spell can't do damage to more than one.
    -Put seeking air mines (black) near the edge of the base, and make sure that their ranges don't overlap.
    -Have extra mines/collectors in front of archer towers (for distracting the dragons).

    37. Countering pekkas

    Pekkas don't really have specific strengths or weaknesses. Teslas do double damage, so try to place them inside the walls, but other than that, there's not much you can do. If you place a lot of buildings around the edge, and make it hard to break into the base, the pekkas will most likely go around the edge. Pekkas really don't want to break through walls, as you might have noticed.

    38. Countering minions

    Minions are extremely weak against air bombs. One air bomb will kill any number of minions in its large splash radius. The best way to counter minions is to have air bombs behind the first layer of defense, so just one minion won't trigger it, but make sure not to have their ranges overlap too much.

    39. Countering hog riders

    To effectively counter hog riders, I advise making an anti hog base. An anti hog base is basically when you have the core (with some long ranged defenses), then a layer of non defensive buildings, then the rest of the defenses. This makes the hogs go around the base before going into the core. Here is a guide on how to make one.
    Having minions or wizards in your clan castle really helps against them.

    40. Countering Valkyries

    Valkyries are so weak, and underused, that there's not really any point in countering them. The bet thing I can suggest is having minions or dragons in your clan castle.

    41. Countering golems

    Golems are similar to giants, except they can't be killed by spring traps. Golems are usually used with high damage-dealing troops, so one strategy to defend against them is to make the golems go to the sides, and the other troops go to the middle.

    42. Countering witches

    Witches make skeletons, which, when in large groups, do a lot of damage. The best thing to try to do is to kill the witches themselves. Splash is very effective at killing skeletons, which helps make an open path to the witches. Make sure to place splash evenly to defend against them well. Wizards in the clan castle do splash, and can kill witches fast, so they are great to have.
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    Extra Buildings

    43. Extra buildings
    When you're done with your base, you should have extra buildings, such as camps, barracks, spell factory, collectors, etc. These buildings can be used to push back where the attacker can place their troops, so it makes it harder to aim them. I like having collectors near the defenses, to act as tanks, and other buildings (barracks, spell factory, etc.) to go further to push back the spawn point. Here are two examples. The first is if you don't have many extra buildings, and the second is for if you do.

    44. Staggering the spawn point

    One method I like to use is to stagger the spawn point. This is basically when the extra buildings are uneven. Here is a picture showing how to do this.

    As you can see, there are three lines. These lines show the possible ways people could place their troops, assuming they make a line of them. Here are the explanations:
    Black- The attacker puts his troops close to the base, but the barracks block off parts, so some of the troops don't get placed, and the attacker has to go back and place them.
    Red- The attacker puts his troops back, and the spawn point gets pushed back further than it would normally be with this amount of buildings.
    Blue- The attacker overcomes the staggered buildings, and his raid isn't effected.

    45. Alternating collectors

    It's a good idea to alternate collectors and mines, so that no gold mine is next to another one, and no elixir collector is next to another one. Basically, you should have them in a pattern- elixir, gold, elixir, gold, etc.

    46. Put extra building non-collectors on the weaker sides

    Often times people will want to attack from the side that has the most collectors. People often don't want to attack from a side that doesn't have them, especially if they have good loot in them. If a side of your base is weak, putting non collectors there helps make that side look less inviting.

    47. Use extra buildings as tanks for important compartments

    If you have an important compartment that you don't want to be broken into, you can put extra extra buildings there, like so...

    This makes the spawn point further away from the compartment, so it's harder to get to it.

    48. Openings behind extra buildings

    If you want one side to be attacked more then another side, you can leave an open space behind the extra buildings, like this.

    People might see this, and want to attack from there because it looks weak.


    49. Spawn holes

    Spawn holes are when you leave an opening in your base on purpose, then have traps and a lot of defenses there. People sometimes see this, and think its a weak spot, so they might attack from the middle. There are a few problems with this. The main problem is that it makes your base really weak, because you focus on protecting the middle, and you have at least a 3x3 compartment with nothing in it, that you are "wasting". It also provides an easy way to lure clan castle troops. I don't like spawn hole bases, because they are extremely susceptible to normal attacks.

    50. Southern teasers

    A southern teaser is when your base looks weak from the bottom, so people attack from there, but the bottom side really is stronger than the top or sides. Here is a thread showing a southern teaser base.

    51. Buildings first, then walls

    When buildings a base, don't put down your walls, and then decide where the buildings go. Instead, decide where most of your buildings go, then find the best wall arrangement for them.

    52. The edge of the map

    Putting your base up against the edge of the map makes it so that the attacker has less area to put his troops on that side. Once you're done making your base, if you want to, you can move it to one side.

    53. Decorations

    There are actually a few uses for decorations. Here are a few.
    -Make it look like the spawn point is pushed back with them, even though troops can spawn on them
    -Put them around your town hall (farming base) to show there are no traps there (more people snipe you that way)
    -Use them to not allow clan castle troops to spawn there (clan castle troops actually can't spawn on decorations)

    54. Obstacles

    Obstacles are similar to decorations, in that troops can spawn there, but not the clan castle. If an obstacle spawns in a convenient place, you can keep it there to not allow clan castle troops in that spot.

    55. Weak sides
    Sometimes a certain side of a base might be weaker than the others, or have something important (like DE) on that side. There are a few things you can do to strengthen that side:

    -Put extra teslas and traps there
    -Move the whole base to one side, so the weak/important side is against the edge
    -If it's a farming base, put the th on the strong side; People often start the raid on the side with the th

    This post explains putting the base against an edge

    Quote Originally Posted by TTTIIIMMM View Post
    With certain bases, for example ones with the 2 xbow, CC, and DE core, there might be a side you don't want them to attack from, like the side with the DE. I always cram my base into the corner on the side with the DE, so it's harder to deploy on the DE side, or they might choose to attack from the opposite side.

    56. Point defense coverage

    Click this link to see a post explaining point defense coverage.

    4. Defense related abbreviations and terms

    Core- The center of the base
    Funnel- When an intentional hole is left in a compartment, to attract certain troops
    Spawn hole base- When a hole is intentionally left in the center of a base, as a trap
    Spawn point- The place where the attacker can spawn their troops

    Here is a full list.

    5. Links

    Did you make a base? Get it rated here!!

    You can also post it on one of these threads.
    th 6
    th 7
    th 8
    th 9
    th 10

    Some other base design guides

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    6. Trap bases

    Trap bases make for great trophy bases. Farming bases usually aren't good as trap bases because the goal of a farming base is to get town hall sniped, and not to have people go for your loot. The goal of a trap base is to attract lower level players, and to have them fail because of traps. Trap bases usually look weaker on one side, but have traps there to make them stronger. Make sure when you do this, though, to have empty places on all sides to make it look like traps are on all sides.

    Here is a list made by Rhymquimghyf explaining a few things that help make a base look weak. (I took some screenshots to demonstrate some of these things. Click on the orange text to see examples.)

    Things I added will be in blue.

    to be as asymmetrical as possible, to achieve at least 50% probability of all attacks happening at one particular spot;

    or be designed with centralized trap core that works both ways;

    or be mirrored with 1 side slightly more tempting (upgrading defenses, gold, DE) and all traps set on that side with empty spots on the other.

    protect town hall and 1 type of resources: DE, or 2/3 Gold, or 2/3 Elixir, using others as a bait and/or damage tank.

    base is meant to be partially destroyed, willingly sacrificing some of defenses/storages for baiting and funneling, but have means taken to keep damage roughly between 40% and 49% (e.g. keeping builder huts in the core)

    to be designed to use all traps on every attack effectively and in rapid succession

    funnels/killzone must be protected from at least 2 pairs of wall breakers or immune to them

    to be designed to handle some of the most common armies: separate troops from one another and guide them to specific killzones, rendering them as ineffective and as vulnerable as possible for every unit type:
    6 spring traps for giants with disposable defenses to group up and guide them
    cavities in the walls mixed with carefully spaced high HP buildings to perfectly funnel archers and barbs for mortars and wizard towers
    dual giant bombs for hogs and/or triple GB for lvl6 giants
    something against balloons
    something against dragons

    have no open outside pockets. Open pockets make people suspicious of traps. We should let the attacker to make an opening where we want him to do it, or put funnel opening in such a way that is not obvious, like hiding the opening behind an elixir storage or AT. Or having the opening at unconventional spot or corner (partially hidden by buildings) so it will not be spotted likely (thanks lim81)

    disguise traps/killzones by breaking symmetry where it is not hurting efficiency and random buildings/spaces

    have a kind of psychedelic touch to it's design to make it harder to guess the trap nature of a base within 30 seconds, like:
    mix of different level walls in no particular order, like wooden walls next to skull walls next to stone walls
    odd wall curvature for no reason and random pieces of walls here and there. Maybe this base is in process of redesign?
    random buildings placed here and there in a way which make no sense at all
    a lot of empty spaces and odd asymmetrical building placement
    abusing decorations to make it look even more ugly
    Have lots of obstacles (not just one kind, like a whole bunch of pine trees) to make the defender look more like a noob
    Defend un important buildings instead of collectors in some spots

    have general n00b feel to it

    Have decorations kind of in the shape of words, but be so hard to read that it distracts the attacker

    Have high level walls/defenses in the middle, so people will just skip it, thinking it's another hard base

    Put X-bows on air & ground so high level air attackers won't want to raid the base

    Here are a few examples of trap bases.

    Made by Rhymquimghyf

    Made by me

    Here are some things I've found while experimenting with trap bases:

    Attackers are more likely to attack from a side with an big compartment, than a side with a lot of small compartments. In rhym's base, attackers will most likely attack from the bottom/right side.

    Putting upgrading teslas in random spots not inside the base makes it look like the others aren't inside the base either.

    Spawn holes make it easy to lure the clan castle.

    Make sure to have lots of open spots where there are no traps

    7. Base design FAQ

    Here are some FAQ related to base designing. Feel free to ask more questions!

    General design:

    Why do some people not defend their town hall?
    These people are farmers. Rather than having someone steal their loot, attackers destroy their town hall, and often leave the loot alone.

    Why do some people leave compartments open?
    This is called funneling. It usually is meant to divert giants away from the important defenses, and make them walk over spring traps.

    Why is symmetry important?
    Having a symmetrical base makes it even, so there are no weak spots. It also makes it look better. there are two kinds of symmetry- rotational, and normal. Normal symmetry is when two sides of the base are mirrored versions of eachother. Rotational symmetry is when each side is the same, but turned 90 degrees.

    Which buildings should be inside walls, and which shouldn't?
    Generally, defenses and storages should go inside. For a trophy hunting base, the town hall is also usually inside walls. A few collectors can also go inside, if there's room.

    Is it a good idea to copy top players' bases?
    It is almost never a good idea to copy a top player's base, unless you're a top player. Their bases are made to defend against the common strategies used in the champions league. Strategies like GoWiWi, And GoWiPe aren't common in the lower leagues.

    How many compartments should a base have?
    There isn't really a set number. Generally the core should have 4-9 buildings, and the other compartments should have 2-4. It really depends on your town hall level.

    Why do some people have holes in their base?
    These are called spawn holes. They make you want to attack from the inside, but there are traps, and a lot of defenses so it's usually really hard to attack from the middle. I rarely attack from inside a base.

    What buildings should I protect in walls?
    Generally, Defenses and storages are inside walls. For a pushing base, the town hall is as well. Sometimes, a few collectors can go in, if there's extra room.

    When I go from hunting to farming, should I switch the town hall with the lab?
    No. When you do this, you are basically wasting a 4x4 square in the middle of your base. Instead, if your town hall was centered, put your clan castle there. Then, maybe put a storage in the place of the clan castle.

    Defenses (And the cc):

    Why should the clan castle be in the middle of your base?
    This makes it so it's hard to lure. Luring clan castle troops is when someone draws them into a corner, and kills them. They aren't very effective this way because they can be killed easily, so it's always good to centralize your clan castle. Even if the clan castle is empty, it can be good in the middle of your base. This is because the attacker (especially if he's a high level player) could try to lure it, and waste 10-15 seconds trying to lure it.

    What troops are best in the clan castle?
    Archers are the most common, because they're cheap, and fast to make. The best troops IMO are archers, wizards, Valkyries, dragons, and minions.

    Where should I put my heroes?
    Heroes aren't the best at defense, so unless they are centered like the clan castle, I would just put them with the barracks and collectors, and have them sleep. Heroes can get damaged on defense, and it can be annoying coming back into CoC and finding your heroes got hurt. Currently my queen is defending, and centered, but my king is sleeping, and on the edge on my base. Heroes can be good, even if they aren't perfectly centered; it detours the attacker to just snipe your town hall (or not attack) and they can take time to lure and kill.

    Why are triangled/squared mortars, ADs, ect. Important?
    Having your defenses in a triangle (for 3), or a square (4), makes them even. Even defenses are usually good, and make your base symmetrical.

    What defenses are best in the core?
    Generally, at town hall 8 and lower, the best defenses for the core are mortars, cc, barb king (sometimes), air defense (sometimes), and on occasion, the wizard tower.
    At town hall 9 and higher, The best defenses are usually mortars, air defenses, x bows, inferno towers, and the cc. Heroes can sometimes be in the core as well.
    For a high level trophy hunting base, ATs and cannons are sometimes in the core.
    At any town hall level, I prefer not to keep mortars in the core, and if I do, it's usually only one.

    What should I do with upgrading defenses?
    Usually, people switch them with a collector. Try to put them in a place where they will attract giants effectively. With an anti hog base, where there is a ring of defenses, don't do this.

    What is splash good for?
    Splash is great against hoards of enemies. A mortar can kill a group of archers in one hit, as long as the level of the mortar is the same as, or more than the archer level.


    What's an x-junction?
    An X-junction is when 4 compartments are connected with a single wall. That wall would be connected to four other walls. This isn't a good idea, because if that one wall breaks, four compartments are open. A T-junction is when only 3 compartments are attached with a wall. Here is a picture showing this concept.

    Are double walls a good idea?
    No. Wall breakers can easily destroy two layers in one hit. If you want two layers, space them one block apart.

    Can obstacles or the edge of the map be used as walls?
    no. Neither can buildings.


    Why is separating storages important?
    This makes it harder to get all of your storages. Having them in the same compartment can be easy to get with gob/rage.


    Where should air traps be?
    Generally, they are best behind the first line of defense. This way, they can be triggered early on (and hopefully ruin the raid), but one minion can't detonate an air bomb. (The one minion strategy is common to test for air bombs)

    Where should spring traps be?
    Firstly, spring traps are best vs. giants.
    If you have funnels, spring traps are great there. IMO, the absolute best spring trap placement is when you have a two-defense funnel, and put the spring trap behind the first defense. This way, placing one giant won't detonate it. If you don't have funnels, just watch replays and see where giants often go.

    Where should small bombs be?
    I like placing them where archers often group together. Small bombs are great against archers. If you watch some replays of your base, then you will probably be able to see where archers go.

    Where should giant bombs go?

    One thing to do with giant bombs is to just place them where troops often go. With an anti hog base, duel-giant bomb areas in between defenses work great. One thing to do is to place them in front of storages, so archers and goblins die.

    Should I use giant bombs and seeking air mines while I farm?
    It really depends on if it will save you however much gold they cost. For example, if you spend 12500 gold on a giant bomb, and it saves you from loosing 50K gold, then it's worth it. However, if it doesn't save you that much gold, then it's not worth it. I use them, but they are near the middle, so if they do get triggered, the attacker would probably have gotten my loot anyway.

    Extra buildings:

    Should I put my collectors, barracks, spell factory, ect. Right up against my walls, or space them a few blocks away?
    This really depends on your kind of base. For a trophy hunting base, it's usually best to have them close to the walls, because it makes it harder to get 50%. For a farming base, it's really up to you. Having them close makes it so that the troops usually get damaged while they're attacking those buildings, and having them far makes it so it's a lot harder to direct troops, and get them to go where the attacker wants (usually the loot or town hall).

    Should I protect the DE drills?
    Usually, if I have extra room in my base, then I do. They are the first extra buildings i protect. After them, if there's more room, I do the gold mines.

    Why do some people leave builders huts in the corner?
    This makes it less likely for someone to get three stars against them. At the end of the battle, the troops will have to go all around the edge to get the last few percent. The drawback is that if the attacker puts troops by the huts at the beginning, they will get a few percent for free. This strategy is most practical at town hall 6 and lower.


    Do decorations push back the spawn point?
    no. It is good, however, to place them as if they did, because some people see them, and don't realize their troops can spawn there.

    Is there any point in decorations?
    Not really. Some people don't know that you can spawn on them, so it will fool their minds I guess, but technically they don't do anything. Flowers actually do funnel troops a bit. Used right, you can funnel with these. They can also assure people that there are no traps by your town hall, so they're more likely to snipe it.
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    Really cool thread and congratulations on senior member! One thing i like to do is put seeking air mines at the edge of the red spawn zone near an air defense. What usually happens is they take out the air defense, then place a healer right on the air mine. Doesn't work as well if your base has air defenses well protected though.
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    Very very helpful thank you. A lot of amazing tips and advice, will direct my clan members here

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