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Thread: Ex Cinere Family - We Shall Rise

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    Ex Cinere Family - We Shall Rise

    Ex Cinere:
    From The Ashes, We Shall Rise
    We are a tight-knit group of high lvl clashers. We have reformed from our old clan to build Ex Cinere. We are all hardcore farmers who play daily and keep on improving our base while having a great time in chat. We have occasional clan wars and trophy pushes, which we have hit the top 100 and went to #92 with a great clan effort. If your looking for a clan with a mature environment, high lvl troops and others to learn from, Ex Cinere is for you!

    Ex Elysium:
    From Heaven, We Shall Rise
    Created by the clan Ex Cinere, Ex Elysium is now a powerhouse clan with an average lvl of around 100 and a great clan war record. We were once known as Ex Resurgam but we have moved to Elysium to continue the clan improvement. We are mostly situated in North America, and we are looking for hardcore players from that timezone. With an outgoing clan chat, great troops, and an excellent clan war record. All our members are proud to call Ex Elysium their clan. During the last clan push we have broke the top 300 and took over # 289, a new push is in the horizon. If your th9 and over, we'd be happy to see you in Elysium!

    Ex Cinere
    -50% lvl 9 walls
    -High lvl troops
    -Combined level 40 heroes
    -A positive attitude
    -Ability to have 1000+ donations
    -Be active in clan chat

    Ex Elysium
    -100% lvl 8 walls
    -lvl 6 archers
    -Be active on chat
    -200m+ gold grab
    -Ability to have 500+ donations

    How to apply:
    -On the thread
    -In Game

    Clan Rules:
    -Respect all members in chat
    -Archers and minions are default
    -Always use both attacks in clan wars
    -Ask a Co-Leader if you want to opt-out of the next war

    Latest clan war video:

    Bases of our members:

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    Hall of Fame
    most attacks won (season) 470 Crucible Ex Elysium
    Gold Grab 1.50 billion Dr Doom99 Ex Cinere
    Elexir Escapade 1.17 billion Dr Doom99 Ex Cinere
    Heroic Heist 9.45 million bigduck158 Ex Cinere
    Highest trophy count (th10) 4047 bigduck158 Ex Cinere
    Highest trophy count (th9) 3188 Damon Ex Cinere
    highest trophy count (th8) 2616 Duffy Ex Elysium
    Donation King (season) 22000 Damon Ex Cinere
    Donation King (All time) 348, 983 FrankieFaceless Ex Cinere
    Most Request (season) 7296 Diego Ex Cinere
    Firefighter 2415 Dr Doom99 Ex Cinere
    X-bow exterminator 4976 Dr Doom99 Ex Cinere
    The wall buster 82,738 jrol33 Ex Cinere
    Humiliator 3,736 jrol33 Ex Cinere
    Union buster 32,998 jrol33 Ex Cinere
    Unbreakable 665 jrol33 Ex Cinere
    Conqueror 10,300 jrol33 Ex Cinere
    Highest heroes combined 80 DD,Jrol,BD Ex Cinere
    Cinere trophy record rank: 92
    Elysium trophy record rank: 289
    Virtis trophy record N/A
    If you have beaten any of these records or want to add a new one, reply on the thread or send me a pm. More stats will be added soon

    Ex Cinere Co leaders:
    Dr Doom99

    Ex Elysium Co leaders:

    *We use Google Plus to communicate

    one of our YouTube videos, clan channel name: ExCinere

    Congrats to Ex Cinere who hit 92 in the last trophy push, they are now a top 100 clan
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    46/50 apply in game or send me a pm!
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    Amazing job alex!!!!

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    yayyyyy good job i like it

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    Woohooo Lets get this party started! Looks great!
    Proud Co-Leader of Ex Elysium​ - Jackie <3 - Female Clasher
    TH: 9.5 Walls: 275/275 lavas 23/275 Level 11 King: 30 Queen: 32

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    🌿🌿👀🌿🌿 nice thread there alex
    Alonso Gallo
    Max cups:2965 town hall: 9
    200/250 level 8 walls 50/250 level 9 walls proud to have been a townhall 8 master
    Just a member because i'm too cool for colead
    430 million gold grab and only level 89 I can only use 5 lines fml

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    A couple spots open in elysium

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    The best clan I've been in...hands down!

    Th 10 Hero Lvls- 32/32 39/275 Lavas
    GG: 1bill+
    Clan: Clanless IGN: Venom

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    One spot available in Ex Cinere for a TH-10, push starts next Monday.
    Five spots available in Ex Elysium.

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