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    Sorry. Vouchers are random. Just keep playing,filling boats and metal bar and jewelry truck orders

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    Turbo Trucker Help and Guide | HD Guide Book- | New People Tips
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    Thanks to Red (again) for the picture !!

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    Need friends in game in new😉

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wanlee View Post
    Need friends in game in new
    Hi, welcome to the forum

    See this thread to add friends via Farmer ID:
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    Hi. I'm new to hay day. I learned that my friend was able to help her friends thru hay day. But when I checked mine, there's no one in my "friends who needs help" tab. What should I do?

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    How helpful it was! I only knew some way to play but Your thread has poitned out the rest. THis will help my farm perfect! Thanks Tigger129!

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    Please add me. I play daily. Please indicate HayDay

    GC ID: Kennisue

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    I can't add to the Gamecentre thread, maybe remove it from the original post?
    Game centre: Stephygeegee
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    Hi, I'm new in this forum, but already play from long time ago. I try to upload picture for my profile picture. When I go to my profile I can see my new profile picture, but when I make comment at thread, (like now) I see my profile picture still blank. No pictures. What should I do? Or any thread discus about how to make profile picture?

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    Iím having a lot of problems getting land deeds and mallets to grow my farm. Are there any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuluW View Post
    I’m having a lot of problems getting land deeds and mallets to grow my farm. Are there any suggestions? Thanks.
    Trade here

    this thread helps me a lot
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