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    Cool Community/Neighborhood Events

    I am a neighborhood leader and while chatting with a "neighbor" today I had a lot of ideas running through my head on how to get more of my neighborhood active as a whole. There are 15 people in my neighborhood, but I see the same 2 that respond in chat over and over. Yes I know others are playing, because I am buying from their stands, and reviving their trees and plants, helping fill boat orders and I see them doing the same for me in return, but I would like to see more interaction.

    Anyhow....... what about an announcement board where neighborhood leaders (or those promoted high enough) can post announcements for different things. Myself, I was thinking of having neighborhood contests and maybe giving away the winner a half stack of saws. Which in turn made me think about being able to "gift" to your neighbors. Yes, I know I could post them on the market stand for 1 coin and that would still be a great deal for anyone, but still there is the chance that someone else could come and take it that half a second before they click.

    Another, was to have a neighborhood trade box or supply box that you can put overflow items in. maybe a separate catalog all together...hmmm?

    Also what about global events that promote neighborhood involvement? Set a goal that the neighborhood has to work on together to get the "bonus" items when reached.

    Just a few of the many flooding thoughts that came to mind today.....please think on them
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    I like the idea.

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    I am so glad someone agrees with me

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