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Thread: Offensive players

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    Offensive players

    I would like to warn other Hay Day players to keep an eye out for a very offensive player who may try to join your neighborhood.

    farm name <edit>
    shop name <edit>

    I have kicked him out of my neighborhood for being offensive and using insulting language. From the picture looks to be male, dark skinned, possibly Asian, maybe in his twenties. Don't understand these kind of people.
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    Coming to the forums to forewarn others is a nice idea, and I'm sorry you had some difficult dealings with this person, but you broke the forum rules by naming and shaming.

    There is an entire set of rules for the forums here:

    Please read and familiarize yourself with them before posting again.

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    That's correct or name can be seen, but not their's! Stupid rules !

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    Anyone have aver any suggestions for a player who joined a neighborhood, "stole" some trade items that was intended for another player and then left the neighborhood?

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    That's correct or name can be seen, but not their's! Stupid rules !
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