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Thread: The Cannibal

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    The Cannibal

    Cost: 2000 Dark Elixir
    Health: 300
    Spead: 16
    Space: 5
    Damage: 20
    Heal percent: 70%

    The Cannibal eats your own troops to heal itself. It can eat troops four spaces and below. It can also eat your opponents clan castle troops. Its max level is four, each level increase increases cost by 500, damage by four, and heal percent by 5.
    The heal percent is of the health of the eaten troop. It will only eat things when its own health is below 30%. It will attack defenses.

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    Really cool idea! Keep thinking of more!

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    how would that work?

    First of all, cannibals don't really fit in with the Medieval style that Clash of Clans is.
    Second of all, there are many younger users on clash and they might be disturbed when they see one troop eating another.
    Third of all, I don't want to lose some of my troops just because one is killing the others.

    Just my opinion.
    Keep it clean, keep it classy.
    crimson smokey

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