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Thread: Kinda stuck

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    Question Kinda stuck

    Hi new the forum! I'm currently LVL 27 and I'm stuck. I just can't seem do earn very much money so I haven't repaired the dock, the mine or the fishing boat. I finally gotten enough funds repair at least one of them and right I'm now I'm pretty sure I don't want fool with the mine as I have a buddy who helps when I need bars. So the question is which should I repair the river boat or the fishing boat?
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    Quote Originally Posted by penguin1853 View Post
    first things first this is what you need too do. get money don't do trucks orders your lving up too fast save up money don't waste it. buy the boat first
    oh ok. I didn't feel like I was lvling too fast and I didn't realize That you could LVL up to fast lol which boat the river boat of the fishing boat?
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    Hello anyone?
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    new event is a fishing event so i would choose that
    On android unless can also link my farm to iPod but only play on android phone not using game center (if you can assist this pm me)
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    I would do the fishing boat because it is less demanding. You will need land expansion materials to open up the fishing spots. You earn diamonds for new fish, a nice benefit.
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    To make money fast in this game you need to sell items in the RSS.
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    It will take over 24 hours for either the boat dock OR the fishing boat, so it depends if you want to earn vouchers from doing boat orders or do you want a few diamonds at a time from catching your fish?

    You MIGHT be done with fishing boat being "repaired" halfway into this event. so you may get some fish.
    You will need those colored vouchers anyway to catch the heavier special event fish.

    If you simply need money, do as suggested and sell all your items you are making and the land expansion and barn expansion items at MAX price in your road side stand (RSS) until you have enough money to play comfortably.

    Have fun no matter what you decide

    If your friend has alot of coins, ask them to buy alot of your stuff for max price and then they can re-sell it back to you
    for just 1 coin. By doing that 10 times, you will end up with more coins FAST

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    It's not exactly levelling up too fast, but you need to consolidate a bit.

    I would fix the fishing boat to start. You can make worm lures for free. Every time you catch a "new" variety of fish you get diamonds. So to begin with the fishing areas will be very diamond productive. Spend these on extra production slots for your dairy and sugar mill or feed mills. Those products sell well at max price in your RSS. So will fish. That will give you coin to fix the river boat which gives you Xp to level up some more.

    just my opinion.

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    Thanks for all replies and advice! Defiantly going for the fishing boat first!
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    Im lvl 28 and i make money by just selling everything i make

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