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    Jam Maker

    Is the Jam Maker a good source for coin? I looked up the jam products and the minimum production time is at least 6 hours (without mastery).
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    Considering the time required, it isnt really earning.
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    Jam is not brilliant for coinage but it has some nice XP and boat points, plus when you get your sweet maker you need jam for jelly beans.
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    This topic comes up so often it's sad. When faced with a choice someone always wants to know which machine to get.

    Here's what I think.

    1. It really doesn't matter in the long run which one you get first or second because in the end, you need them all.

    2. All machines are carefully programmed so that the longer running machines pay for themselves in easier mastery or higher sale price or value in boat or truck orders.

    3. Most of the people asking are at a level where coins are low. If they had plenty of money, they wouldn't ask. Many of the people answering state that they didn't get one machine or another or one animal pen or the other and that they just bought what they needed. What they fail to realize (through no fault of theirs) is that it is not as easy as that. The askers have little money and the person answering hasn't reached the level where they really need that machine or chicken coop etc. So in the long run, the answer is usually, get them all.

    4. That being said, another variable which might alter my advice is the amount of time the farmer has to devote to the game. Sure it's easy to buy eggs, but do you have the time to scroll through all your neighbors farms for the best price. Are you working with a older device that makes scrolling or opening the paper a pain? I found out this past Christmas that my iPad 2 is way slower than my new iPad air. Makes a big difference.

    5. Another variable is where you are in the game. Are you working on your Captain's achievement? Or Turbo Trucker? How do you feel about fishing? Sure you can do those achievements without all the machines, but that means counting on someone else to fill your crates or sell you what you don't have. If you are counting on just finding what you need in the paper or your neighbors farm, trust me , you won't. I thought for sure I could find buttered popcorn when I needed it. You guessed it, there wasn't one to be seen. Not even sold ones that I missed. I now feel compelled to buy it whenever i see it and usually have way more than I need. So it's out there but never who you need it in the quantities you want. I don't think that the hay day Gods are intervening, but I have noticed that when my boat asks for something, several of my friends boats are also asking for the same thing. Whether by accident or design, we all seem to be looking for or asking for the same thing at the same time. It's so much easier to make it. And you can't make it if you don't have the machine.

    6. Yet another variable is how you want your farm to look. If you like decorations and flowers and all that stuff, then land is at a premium. For you it might be more important to spend time looking for eggs in the paper or shops, than to put your Christmas tree away. I can respect that. I have lots more junk in my house than my farm. I have plenty of space on my farm but I'd love another closet in my house.

    So to sum up. In a single sentence. It doesn't matter. The best advice I can give you and others have said the same thing. Go slow. Don't be in a hurry to level up. I have never had a problem buying a machine because I didn't level up fast. If you need coins, sell in your shop at max. Skip the boats, visitors, and trucks unless they are part of an event. If you need XP and boat points or vouchers, stick with boat and truck orders. Don't feel like you have to fill every boat or truck order. Trash the ones that use your valued or rare items and send that boat down the river if you need help with more than three crates or if you have noticed that your friends won't fill certain sugar or dairy boats. You can get way more money in your shop. And remember that eventually you will need at least one of each machine. I personally use and need each one.

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