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    The Graphics Learning Center

    Hey there forumers, and welcome to The Graphics Learning Center! Here you will find signature templates, useful pictures, tutorials, and GFX packs full with brushes, textures, backgrounds and other useful things to make your signature unique!

    A guide to making signatures with PicMonkey -

    A guide to making signatures with GIMP -

    Free avatars -

    GFX Packs (Many more to be added soon)

    Ryan's CoC GFX Pack - Coming soon!

    Basic Signature Templates (down for maintenance)

    How to create a signature with photoshop (Video tut coming soon)

    • Open up photoshop and select 'new'. Set it to 500 pixels length and 100 pixels width. Put the background as 'transparent'.
    • Next, select your background (If you want one) and fit it to how you want it, just make sure to adjust the height as well as the width, otherwise it will look stretched and blurry.
    • Now, select your text font, colour and size, and place it where you want. Make sure it goes with the background.
    • If there are any other pictures (Barb King for example) place it around the text, don't move the text for the pictures as it won't look as good.
    • Now for effects, this part is pretty straight forward. Merge the image together to give it a better effect, make the text 3D or give them some other effect, I will post links to how to do this below.
    • Next, add a thin black border around the outside, it's amazing what this can do to the quality of the image - Merge the whole thing together, so it comes across as a single layer, then right click the layer and go to 'Blending Options'. Next, go to the 'stroke' effect, and put it as 'inside' and adjust the size of the border to what pleases you.
    • Lastly, select 'Save As' and save it as 'xxxxx.png'

    3D text -

    Blur an image -

    Blending effects -

    Colour Splash -

    Glowing text -

    Fire effect -

    Yes these are all for Photoshop, but this is the best program for GFX in my opinion, I have used lots of programs, but PS is by far the best, and you can get it free I've heard, just google it.

    How to add a signature here on the forums

    1. Once you have your desired signature, save it as .PNG and go to tinypic and upload it to there. When it has uploaded, copy the link. (If someone else has made you a sig, skip this step and just right click the sig and copy image URL.)
    2. Go to 'Settings' located in the top right corner here on the forum.
    3. Go the the left side, and you will see a number of options, find the 'edit signature' part, and click it.
    4. Now, delete what is already in the box where you paste your URL, and simply paste your sig link in there.
    5. Press 'Insert Signature' then look at the white box where you can edit your sig it should say [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]
    6. Put it where you want, then simply click save.

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