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Thread: The Graphics Learning Center

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    Glad to see members are still finding this useful, who knows maybe i'll give this thread a big update. ��
    Quote Originally Posted by ClashWithStyle View Post
    Here is the new and updated version of this thread:

    Awesome post bud.

    Quote Originally Posted by adamh04 View Post
    i beleive you can get slightly older versions legitimately from the official website, I have done it before, just google it.
    Correct, you can get ps for free. If anyone wants it i will pm them how to get it, but saying that it is much easier paying for it.

    "Make love, not war" - Peace

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    hey #supercell its really shamefull act by u that u guys put GOD name on Army camp lower right side! we all urge to remove that! so that we cant start playing clash of clan again!

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    Ryan0412 , I am working and setting up a fan forum for our local community and this is going to be an awesome help! Can you visit and tell me how it't looking? I have spent hours modifying and customizing the theme. Anyone feel free to share comments and suggestions. it's going to be here clashforum (.)(com)(.)(br)

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    Thanks you. i love it . this thread can improve my skill about graphics

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    I have only 3 subs on YouTube and I upload daily,come check me out please I need some support and respective chritisizam,I just want people to see my videos I have uploaded 2 videos a day so far,I just started my channel yesterday.

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    Where is signature used btw ?

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