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Thread: Please explain "raiding"

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    Please explain "raiding"

    Thank you for your time

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    Raiding is more or less when a player bounces from NH to NH and goes stealth watching the chat board for who is giving what to whom, and swoops in and takes the item before the player that it was intended for gets it.

    Highly frowned upon, but also legal and thus nothing anyone can do about it.

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    Funny, that wasn't my understanding, I thought people were referring to visitors who buy loads of good stuff from your RSS which they consider mean spirited...

    I am afraid if I visit a shop and there are items for sale that I want then I buy them, I thought that's what shops were for....

    I then then try to help their farm in any way I can...

    Also if I decide to offload quite a few "goodies" then I don't put them all in my shop at once but split them over a few sales so anyone visiting can't buy all of them.... Unless they keep repeatedly visiting... Which is fair enough because they are probably helping me when they visit.

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    Raiding = buying from a roadside shop

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    Raiding is when a person buys everything or most items from a RSS
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    Quote Originally Posted by LoganRae View Post
    Raiding is when a person buys everything or most items from a RSS
    I call that "first come, first served"

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    I thought raiding was raiding was opening others mystery boxes

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    Re raiding...the exact amount of items taken before it is considered raiding varies from person to person. So it's nearly impossible to tell if you are "raiding" someone by their definition or not.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galedeen View Post
    I thought raiding was raiding was opening others mystery boxes
    No, you are safe on that one! Opening a box on someone else's farm will not affect's like a gift to you.

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    Let's first set things straight. The game design and rules are that if it's in the RSS bin, than it up for sale and anyone can buy as much or as little as they feel they need for whatever their reasons and no one has any say on how much or what or when someone can buy...ever. Anyone who says otherwise is enforcing their own made up rules.

    The term "raiding" was initially made to describe people who repeatedly bought out the same RSS time and time again, most often never giving any help of any kind in return to the owner of the RSS. This is still the most accepted meaning of the term.

    That led to some folks deciding that buying out an RSS even once was raiding. That led to some folks deciding that buying more than 2-3 items at a time was raiding. That veered off to also include accusing people of stealing trades. (Trading is not a design of the game and was created by and done by forum members and is virtually unknown outside the forum and some FB groups.) Then it changed yet again by some who decided that anyone not of the farmer's inner circle who even bought a single item was raiding. Now, I see we have yet another new interpretation that includes NH jumpers.

    So, basically, raiding is anything anyone who doesn't want to follow the open rules of the game decides it is.

    The official rules of the game are:

    If it's in the RSS, then it's up for sale by ANYONE.

    You have the right to buy as much or as often as you feel you need.

    If there is an ad in the Daily Dirt for that RSS, you have the right to buy anything and everything.

    Trading is done at your own risk: If you suspect a trade is in progress, it is courteous to respect that trade but it is not mandatory. Every trade is conducted with the known risks by both parties that it might go wrong in any number of ways. That includes being undermined by folks in your NH, which may or may not be innocent.

    You have the right to play your game as you feel comfortable and cannot be forced to follow anyone's made up rules or restrictions.

    You also have the right to respect another person's expressed limits if you so choose.

    As stated, mystery boxes appear only to you, so you are not stealing them from the farmer. S/he sees an entirely different one than you do. Those that you see are yours to try and open.

    Basically, don't worry about if you are raiding as it's a matter of perception and, as far as the official game rules are concerned, it doesn't exist. How much you buy, when you buy, and who you buy from is a personal choice. You can choose to buy all or set your own limits as you feel is appropriate and comfortable to you and how you wish to play.
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    Cricks3, thank you for the excellent summary!


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