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    I understand everyone's concerns. I am just wondering why I can't find a home. Everyone ask for people to join but they accept No one. Is it because I am only level 33 almost level 34

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    Add the feature to block(as optional) a person from hood so that the farms which were kicked can never try again to rejoin
    Level 126 Farm
    Level 32 Town Hall
    Playing from 2014

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    how many co leaders can you have?

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    Q: What can an elder do?
    A: An elder can invite people and accept or decline join requests. An elder can not promote or kick out members.

    Q: What can a co-leader do?
    A: Basically anything a leader can do. Sent invites accept people, promote people to elder or co-leader and kick members and elders. They can't kick out or demote the leader.
    Is this new? Elders can trash tasks, when was this implemented? Developers should have a look into this.

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    Hi there! I am in a NH where the leader is inactive and does not respond to messages. Other than move out, is there a way to contact them or otherwise become an elder or co-leader so we can trash tasks and such? Thanks.

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    I need to know why supercell won’t give me my neighbourhood back, I was demoted to co-leader, and a member was promoted to leader even though I had a co-leader already that was not promoted.

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    I want my leadership role back why won’t supercell give it back to me

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