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    How long is the cool down period?

    Maybe I am doing something wrong, but I left a neighborhood about six hours ago ( the first one I've ever joined) and now I can't see an option to search for another one. I've rebooted the iPad. That seems a bit long to cool down.

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    Cooling period

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post
    Hi All,

    There has been some questions about the Neighborhoods, so with the help of our moderators and the team, I have collected the most frequently asked questions and answered them. I will keep updating this post when there's a new question which we haven't answered. I hope this helps!

    Q: What can I do in a neighborhood?
    A: In this first instalment of the neighborhoods, you can chat with your neighborhood friends, and in global events work towards a joint contribution score!

    Q: Do I need to fix my neighborhood building?
    A: Yes, you need to fix your neighborhood building first to gain access to all the current and future possibilities of the neighborhood.

    Q: Does it cost anything to join/leave a neighborhood?
    A: No, joining or leaving a hood is free. However, there is a cool down if you join and leave repeatedly.

    Q: Can I belong to more than one (1) neighborhood? If not, why?
    A: No, you can only belong to one (1) neighborhood at the time. Allowing players to join multiple neighborhoods would make the whole system way too complicated (UI, playability and technically) and doesn’t fit into our future plans for the neighborhoods.

    Q: How many players can belong to one neighborhood?
    A: In the current version the limit is 20 but we may up the limit if there's a need for it.

    Q: Who can send invites to other players?
    A: Only Leaders, co-leaders and elders can invite people to the new hood or accept applicants.

    Q: Who can I invite?
    A: You can invite people through your friends list as long as they meet the requirements (Neighborhood House repaired, level requirement, not being already in another neighborhood, etc.).

    Q: Can people who aren’t in my friends list be invited or join my neighborhood?
    A: In the current version you can not invite “strangers” but we are looking into this. If you want random people in your neighborhood, you can promote your neighborhood on our official channels and ask people to search for your neighborhood.

    Q: What options can I set for joining my neighborhood?
    A: You can set the type to "Anyone can Join" (anyone can freely join), "Request to Join" (players need to request and get accepted to join) and "Invite Only" (only players who have been invited by the Leader, co-leader or elder can accept to join).

    Q: What can an elder do?
    A: An elder can invite people and accept or decline join requests. An elder can not promote or kick out members.

    Q: What can a co-leader do?
    A: Basically anything a leader can do. Sent invites accept people, promote people to elder or co-leader and kick members and elders. They can't kick out or demote the leader.

    Q: Why do we need this hierarchy?
    A: Any neighborhood needs managing at some point so it's there to help the leader with several tasks. It is also there to prevent misbehaviour e.g. that a random player who joins an open neighbourhood can't immediately kick out everybody. They are meant to be more administrative titles than hierarchical titles.

    Q: What happens if the leader leaves?
    A: Leader will be passed to the co-leader who has been the longest. If none, then the elder who has been the longest. If no elders either, then the member who has been the longest. Since it will be hard to predict leader can pass leader to someone else before leaving if he or she wants to step out visiting. So the hood will continue to exist unless it had no other members.

    Q: Are neighborhood names unique?
    A: No they are not.

    Q: Can I search for neighborhoods or players?
    A: You can search for neighborhoods but not players.

    Q: I am alone in my neighborhood. How can I get members?
    A: Visit your friends farms and invite them! If they are already in a neighborhood, you can alternatively post on our forums, Facebook etc. and promote your neighborhood name!

    Q: Can I chat with other players than the ones in my neighborhood?
    A: No, the chat is limited to neighborhood’s only. We have no plans to introduce private chats or global chats.

    Q: What are the names showing up in chat?
    A: Those are the farm names of the people in your hood. Change the farm name to an easy name of your choosing to use in chat.

    Q: Why is there a report button in the hood chat?
    A: If a user joins a neighborhood and is abusive etc. the other members can "report" him/her. When that player gets 4 reports from different players, he/she will be silenced from the chat for 24h

    Q: Why is there a filter in the first place?
    A: To keep inappropriate and offensive language out of the chat since this is a game for the whole family.

    Q: Can I turn off the chat?
    A: Yes, please go to the game settings and then see under advanced settings.

    Q: Will you add more features to the neighborhood in the future?
    A: We are currently collecting feedback from all users and we will most definitely create more features and additions to the neighborhoods in future updates!


    How long is the cooling period?

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    Being Reported?

    I formed my own neighborhood, have had really good response to invites, and have tried to make it a place where neighbors can seek and find help. This morning I found an entry saying I had been "Reported." Just wondering if there's any way to find out the reason for someone doing that. And is there a danger of random persons reporting on a leader and having them blocked from their own group?

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    help change emblem colors!

    I can't seem to change emblem colors, even thoigh the settings say its bern done. When I come out of settings my old emblem colors are still there. How do I fix this?

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    absolutely agree! why can't we invite people who aren't on Facebook

    Quote Originally Posted by JaspreetAwsme View Post
    agree +1 ..............
    Requiring Facebook is ridiculous

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    NH pressures

    The NH option can lead to a different way of playing. And this new way may be unsettling to people who have been playing HD on their own for many many months.

    i have been thinking about this as I watch my own play being affected by my NH role as a group leader.

    we need to take a caution here. As a member of a NH, we naturally want to help our neighbors, and now they have a way to make their wants and needs known to us, via chat. Now we have a way to let others know our wants and needs as well. But we don't need to do either.

    we can choose to spend less time in the neighborhood. It is OK to do this.

    Or we can enjoy our hood without pressures. It is nice to have a virtual cuppa tea with the hood and make or fill no HD needs, after all.

    I am sharing these thoughts to start a conversation about perceived neighborhood pressures. A NH member made some observations about the different ways she was now playing and that she didn't like it. She left the hood because of it.

    I believe the pressures may be somewhat self-imposed.

    What do others think? Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by kajalfoxtrot View Post
    I can't seem to change emblem colors, even thoigh the settings say its bern done. When I come out of settings my old emblem colors are still there. How do I fix this?
    After changing the color are you hitting the "save" button?
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    Hi, please guide me where to find the options to set as "anyone can join", "request to join", etc. I can't find this setting on Hay Day.

    Thank you and ahoy farming,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krissie View Post
    Hi, please guide me where to find the options to set as "anyone can join", "request to join", etc. I can't find this setting on Hay Day.

    Thank you and ahoy farming,

    Krissie, click on your house.... Go to edit... Then neighborhood type.

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    Help neighborhood friends

    I Cant see when my nighborhood friends needs help.

    No mark is displayed on their portrait, like you see when your GC or FB friends needs help.

    Could this be fixed ?
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