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Thread: Is there a thread where a Potato can find a good home?

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    Is there a thread where a Potato can find a good home?

    *peeks in*

    I'm basically a nooby noob on the Light Side of the Forums.

    I can't find a sub forum like what we have on the Dark Side,
    but is there a thread here where we can search around for neighbourhoods to join?

    Otherwise, I'm a L47.
    I will be the first to admit that my full time time job is my Clash account,
    but I log in 3x a day for about 30-40 mins to fill my boats / truck orders / etc. & sporadically in between shopping rounds.


    The little (been waiting a looooong time to chat in HayDay) Potatroll

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    Bacon Egg Bandits

    Me and my wife just started a NH called "Bacon Egg Bandits" (red axe and saw with a blue back ground) im more active we both long in atleast 3-4 times a day (im more like 8-20 )

    But we're trying to build a working adults NH. We want active people who want to work together and have fun, share excess stuff, or blow off steam after a hard day by growing corn and wheat together .

    Basically we just want to have fun with like minded adults and you're welcome to join in you want.

    Lvl 29 (min allowed)
    Request to join
    Looking for adults (preferably parents)
    Active (3-4 times a day)
    Basically want it to be a nice cul-de-sac of Hay Day members (think the show Cougar town, with less drinking)

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