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Thread: Neighborhood for dog lovers? Come join!

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    Red face Neighborhood for dog lovers? Come join!

    Hello fellow farmers. I'm looking to get a new neighborhood up and running with some people who love dogs. The neighborhood is called The Dog Park and is currently open to anyone (no invite needed) of any level. Dogs are an important part of my family (grandparents are vets, mom is a vet tech, and we all have furbabies of course) and I think "dog people" are some of the very best people, so I thought having dogs as a neighborhood theme would be really fun!

    I am a fairly new player myself, but a daily player who gets Tom so i'm leveling quickly. I love to help people with boats and trees, I even flip thru the paper and click items of "!" players to see if I can help them.

    If you aren't interested in joining the neighborhood but would like a new friend, you can add me on Game Center - my name there is Miriam Leviah (with the space). I'm open to friends from all levels!

    A bit about me: I'm 27, female, American, Jewish, love dogs (obviously) and have a bichon named Molly, have a degree in comparative religion, my favorite colors are purple and brown, and I can read English, some Hebrew, and tiny bit of Arabic (still working on learning!). I've gotten pretty addicted to Hay Day and am not above spending real money in game when I have it to be able to have Tom and some extra items.

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    Hi..Thanks for accepting my friend request. I am a dog grooming and would like to join your neighborhood. Is your name "Audreys Farm"? I want to make sure I join the right one.

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