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    Enable Diamond confirmation button

    Go to Settings (tap on the gear in Hay Day) > Adv. Setting > scroll till the end, make sure it checked!
    Let's say thanks but please don't turn this into feedback thread. Use the official feedback thread..

    Tap again to confirm:
    - speed up crop/bush/tree/mystery net/regular net/lobster trap/items in production/fishing spot
    - get new truck order on board
    - add new queue slot in machine
    - buy voucher
    - buy expansion item (when checking how many you need)
    - speed up ad in RSS
    - add new slot in RSS
    - trash item (actually free the slot) in RSS


    With TOWN update:
    - speed up maintenance on Personal Train
    - speed up service time in building
    - buy expansion item (when checking how many you need)
    - upgrade Personal Train/Town Hall/Building
    - get next Eggpress train (thanks Haystacker & pitchfork's image)

    Double tap is not implemented when you get a pop up (after dragging the item) in these cases:
    - hire TOM (start at 15 diamonds)
    - open mystery box (3 diamonds on the Farm or 5 diamonds at the Town)
    - make diamond ring (1 diamond)
    - make mystery net (5 diamonds)
    - make product when you don't have enough ingredient
    - drag TNT/dynamite/shovel over the mine
    - drag lure/worm/net/mystery net/lobster trap into the fishing spot when you have none of (thanks monkeybars)
    - drag carrot/milk/bacon to feed your pet
    - get new spin from the Wheel of Fortune (start at 1 diamond)
    - fill boat/truck order when you don't have the item (start at 1 to many many diamonds)
    - call the next boat (5 diamonds)
    - plant crop you have none of by dragging into fields (see picture above) when you sell or plant last crop
    - buy diamond-cost decoration by dragging into the farm
    - use diamond to order mystery package or decoration package when you don't have enough gift card
    - tap on the ad for axe/sax/dynamite/shovel/TNT…. in the newspaper Daily Dirt
    - pay diamond to gain star on machine: you get another pop up with no confirmation

    With TOWN update:
    - get next Eggpress train but double tap is now implemented (first mentioned on forum on Aug 14th)

    There is no double tap nor pop up for:
    - speed up the waiting time (24h) once mystery decoration package has been order (1 diamond, no POP UP)
    - buy crop you have none of with diamond (see picture above) when you used last crop in production or boat order

    I did not test:
    - ??

    Did I miss something? Ask me, I'll test.
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    I'm so happy. This is what I wanted. More than lemon trees or chat or extra fishing spots.

    I promised I'd buy a trunk of diamonds if they did this, and I will.
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    Ohmigoodness! Yayyy!

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    Thank you!

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    Nice. thanks for explaining.

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    Thanks for posting this, and thanks Supercell!!

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    I wonder what they will moan about next!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterTEZ View Post
    I wonder what they will moan about next!
    Don't worry, they'll think of something. Seriously, people were complaining about not getting the conf button on the update announcement thread when they haven't even finished updating the game .
    Thank you for this post, meonhoc. Hopefully this will quiet down those complainers for a bit.
    Off to buy a trunkful of diamonds...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterTEZ View Post
    I wonder what they will moan about next!
    Well, it is quite possible to tap twice accidentally right?

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    Unfortunately, I was one to complain about this because I purchased diamonds and not two minutes later did I lose them. It's a waste of money... I was not even going too fast as some have mentioned above. Our phone screens are super sensitive and the tiniest of movements are sensed.

    Anyways, I learned my lesson and have never purchased diamonds again! :P

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterTEZ View Post
    I wonder what they will moan about next!

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