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    Cool Hay Day Update - Neighborhoods!


    WOAH!! The long awaited update for Hay Day is finally here (or, rolling out to App Store and Google Play Store in all countries)! While we are in maintenance preparing our servers for the massive update, take a minute to read through the release notes and why not comment on them in this thread!

    Without further ado, here's the sauce (Hay Day version 1.16.148):

    Main Feature: Neighborhoods & Chat!!!

    • Repair the new neighborhood building on your farm and gain access to either join or assemble your very own neighborhood (think of it as your own collective of chosen members).
    • Then, join the neighborhood chat and talk in real time with your members.
    • Neighborhood leaders can promote members to specific roles and customize their neighborhood with a unique emblem for everyone to see.
    • All global events show the top contributing neighborhoods as well. Try to get to the top by working together!
    • Updated the friends tab with a new section showing only your neighborhood members.

    Additional features

    • Fishing area improvements: 2 new fishing spots and 4 new fish added. 2 additional new fish will become catchable during future special fishing events.
    • New pet donkey: our latest addition to the Hay Day family definitely comes with its own quirky personality. Some say that originally it wanted to be a bird. Add it to your farm to find out why
    • Lemon tree: now you can plant lemon trees and pick juicy lemons that can be used to create tasty specialties like lemon cake, lemon pie and lemon curd.
    • Stay tuned for Valentine’s Day on February 14th. A special event with a unique prize is scheduled.
    • Added Korean language support.

    Community Requested Updates

    • The winter theme has now ended. The winter decorations will become again available for purchase next year
    • Advanced settings: new options to personalize your gameplay experience.
    • Greg’s road side shop now sells a wider assortment of useful products!

    We will be back online as soon as the update is available both in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! Any comments about this update? Share it in this thread!

    Update: The neighborhood enables the chat, and you can only chat in your neighborhood. You can have GC, FB or random people in your neighborhood. The max amount of people in one neighborhood is 20 (at least for now). One neighborhood can have 1 leader who can promote members to elders, and co-leaders. Co-leaders can also promote members and kick members. Elders can only accept requests to join (not kick or promote).


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    Thank you Supercell !
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick[Supercell] View Post

    • New pet donkey: our latest addition to the Hay Day family definitely comes with its own quirky personality. Some say that originally it wanted to be a bird. Add it to your farm to find out why

    Am I losing something?
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    THANK YOU SC!!!!!!!!! I'm excited to see the changes!!!

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    Sounds like so much fun! Thanks guys for keeping it interesting!

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    Just checked the app store. Update is available for hay day. YAY.

    Can't wait for maintenance to be over. This new update is going to be amazing and brings up a new level of fun. Especially the chat~

    Thank You Supercell
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    Thanks. Can't wait.

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    OMG!!! UPDATE TIME!!! hehe thank you SuperCell!!

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    Oooooh finally !
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    Thank you! Looking forward to it.

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