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    Please fix.

    I do not use Facebook to communicate with anyone but family. So I made a neighborhood on hay day thinking I could invite my hay day friends I have made and helped so often. Because they are not my Facebook I can not invite. Also can not find what neighborhood they are in. I would like to click on their icon and see neighborhood name. Invite people from newspaper would be nice as well.

    Also I made a neighborhood of my own. Because I could not invite my current friends it filled with people who I do not know. I would be fine with that except they seem to be in a different time zone than me. I can not work with them when they are not online. This would not be an issue of I could invite from the news paper. I would at least know who is active when I am.

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    How can i delete a comment in the chat??

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    Don't understand chat, neighborhoods

    I have some people who I've been playing hay day with for ages, and some of them have their own neighborhood symbol, and they are all different. They are also all over the world, I think, and so if the chat has to be in English? I don't know how to ask to be in their neighborhood(s) either, and I don't want to pick just one and leave out the others.
    I feel I don't want to lose these players and I don't want to start a neighbourhood of random other people. Most of my facebook friends have stopped playing too.
    Do you have to join a neighbourhood, or can you just carry on as before, with the same group of people?

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    Please expand more land for us!!!


    i loved each and everyone of the updates
    but my farm is getting very cramp!
    Please expand another piece of land for us

    if you continue adding in new things at this rate, i may have to keep all my decorations
    and pls dont make me do that!!!!

    love the game but REALLY NEED MORE LAND

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    This is a great update!! It's freaking awesome

    I would also like to suggest ideas for a new update.

    Like the boat, you could put a "train" that the whole neigbourhood could fill up for rewards!!

    When you look at ads in journal, you could add the lvl of the player who posted the ad :P

    You could add more decorations, like a dirt road, diffrent fences (brown fence, ect...) , closed/opened fence gate for wood, stone, brick and gold wall, diffrent flowers (colors and type), etc....

    You could add onions, to make onion soup, meat pie witch would need ognions, etc...

    A sugar pie

    Have a turcky to make turky meat, with turky meat u can make soup, salades, sandwitchs, turky bbq pizza, turky on the bbq ect!!!!

    This would help keep high level players interessted in the game with lots of new stuff

    awesome game with lots of potential, my family love this game

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    I totally agree with you, why cannot we be in several nh to chat ?

    I totally agree with you, why cannot we be able to be in several nh to exchange thingd, opinions, chats, etc ... It is too limited

    Quote Originally Posted by ada1252 View Post

    I am confused. I have my building updated and have my emblem, etc. When I go to friends' farms to invite them to join mine, I get the message that the have already joined a farm and I can't invite them to mine.

    I was under the impression that we could create our own neighborhood, but join our friends' also. I'm not loving this new feature of the update. One of my friends joined my neighborhood and now (I think) cannot create her own. My emblem is on her house and she cannot edit or change the emblem. Why can't she have her own neighborhood and still be a member of mine?

    Each of us should be able to create our own neighborhood chat house and be able to invite friends to join. I should be able to be a member of any of my friends' chat houses, if invited or asked. I thought we could become members of multiple neighborhoods, but I guess I was wrong. Please reconsider making this feature a little more user friendly. We need a user's guide to help get us started.

    Rose Ada and Lena
    level 62

    p.s. Never hit the "leave" button in the chat house, use the red X in the top right corner. I made this mistake and had to pay another 500 coins to edit the house and start over again.

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    I am happy with the update to an extent it won't let u type in soon or cracking etc please fix

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    Thank you for losing the scare crow! He will NOT be missed. The silly thing was driving me crazy! ( not that it would have been a long trip!!! )

    now, could we lose the neighborhood deal altogether? It's confusing, I was invited to join one from someone in my friends list...good we've helped each other out many times. So, I get to the group, everyone else is strangers!! And I can't find out where everyone else in my friends list are! If I just leave and not belong to NH will the scarecrow show up again.?

    another thing!! Just one!! We really need a couple spots of animals are so crammed I worry they will run off with the scare crow! Everyone have good day...the sun is shinning!
    idob57 level 778

    When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out.

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    ....por eso lo quiero!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GataMagenta View Post
    No creo lo existe in Hay day. Lo siento.

    ...por eso lo quiero!!!

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