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Thread: 3 highest levels in clash of clans

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    3 highest levels in clash of clans

    Some guy on global didn't believe me that sneaky dave is no longer the highest level in clash of clans so im making this forum post!
    As far as i know the 3 highest levels are as follows!
    Alex- level 235 as of January 20th, 2014- clanless (hops and donates troops)
    Master Woody- 225 as of February 11th- clan: ENGLISH PIRATES
    Sneaky Dave- 223 as of February 11th- clan: InTheDark
    I have proof of alex's existence but am unable to figure out a way to post the picture from an ipod so kik me at A_m0nst3r for the proof

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    He is in pa55c0de: Alex is

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    Wow , i thought highest level ever was like 155 , like the top people Lml
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