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Thread: Hayday Mysteries Chapter #4 - Things are not always what they seem .....

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    Hayday Mysteries Chapter #4 - Things are not always what they seem .....

    For Hayday Mysteries Chapters 1,2 & 3 go to

    Chapter #4 Things are not always what they seem.

    After a sleepless night wondering why his Aunt Hilda had not made it on the last boat back to the farm, nephew Fred was up at the crack of dawn waiting for the morning boat to arrive.

    When Aunt Hilda was not on the morning boat, tongues started wagging, particularly down at the loom where Hilda and Hilda hang out and speculate on the comings and goings down on the farm.

    When they see Ms Poppins coming down the lane, they dash down to the fence hoping to catch a word with her.

    "Good morning Ms Poppins. Lovely day isn't it"

    "I don't know why I continue to trek all the way down here day after day. They never have saws for sale" moaned Ms Poppins. "My garden is in dire need of some sawing and I have none."

    "Sorry to hear that Ms Poppins. Try Greg, he usually has a saw to sell. His place is down the road a piece."

    "How are things in town? Anything interesting going on ....?" Hilda enquires.

    "Well, funny you mention it" Ms Poppins replies, "I was down at Susan's Store on my way to Church this morning and I overheard ......"

    Unfortunately, the delivery truck chose this very moment to race past, brakes screeching, and Hilda and Hilda missed what Ms Poppins was saying.

    "I must be off", Ms Poppins calls behind her as she walks off at a brisk pace, "I have a hair appointment at Joan's shortly and cant stop".

    Hilda and Hilda are beside themselves.....

    To be so close to a juicy piece of gossip and then lose it, is more than the two women can bare. Hilda comes over all unnecessary, loses her balance and is nearly sucked into the sauce machine. A sticky end, only just averted by her friend Hilda's quick thinking and sharp reactions. Pulling her out before the blades turned her into BBQ sauce.

    Little do the two diminutive women know, but Aunt Hilda and Fritz have hitched a ride back on the deliver truck and are having a morning coffee while Hilda is trying to straighten her hat and apron after her near misadventure.

    "Thank you Fritz for a lovely evening."

    "Yeh, it was a good night. I think the beer tasting at Ben's Brewery may have been a mistake though."

    "Yes. We would have reached the dock before the last boat left otherwise" agrees Aunt Hilda. "But just imagine what people are thinking", she jokes.

    "Yes", chuckles Fritz "people's imaginations must be working overtime."

    "Well, lets give them something to talk about shall we" Aunt Hilda whispers in her best conspiratorial voice.

    She reaches for Fritz's hand, takes it warmly in her own and looking lovingly into his eyes declares, "That was a night to remember Fritz. I wouldn't have thought such things were possible........" They share a laugh together, enjoying the mayhem they have created.

    "It's still early Fritz, do you want to go down to the brook and join the morning tai chi class?"asks Aunt Hilda.

    "Ooh, that sounds good and about the pace I can manage this morning" answers Fritz.

    When they get to the brook, the morning tai chi is well underway and their arrival goes unnoticed.

    Mr Snow and his brothers, who are all 'blue ties' in tai chi, are leading the session. There is a zen-ness to the brothers Snow.

    Afterwards, Fred the stableboy decides he would like to teach Jerry Lewis to do show jumping. Jerry seems awfully confused.

    The Snow boys have a barber shop quartet. They like to sing down by the brook. They just like it down by the brook. Come the warmer weather they will take a trip down the brook on their annual sojourn. They are making the most of the last days of winter. There is a whisper in the air and they sense things are about to change.

    This One and That One also enjoy the music.

    The farm residents are getting excited about this Fridays soiree at LadyJems and spend every opportunity to discuss it.

    Goatherder Fred and his wife plan to go, it is their wedding anniversary on the 14th.

    Nephew Fred is giving his beautiful wife Hilda some stargazing while they talk about the party. Mr Snow the elder and Franc are looking forward to attending. Bachelor fisherman Fred, Mr Snow the III and Ferdinand discuss the possibility of romance....

    Stableboy Fred and Fred the hubby of Hilda the weaver are planning some surprises for their wives Hilda and Hilda , who are secretly planning their own surprise over by the loom.

    Camerman Fred and his wife tell Mr Snow the younger how they met and that in the 14th they will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.

    Mr Snow the II is manning the candy machine and daydreaming about his impending journey.

    The new Fred, a sushi chef, is working his magic with fish, rice and soy sauce.

    And Aunt Hilda appears to be serving ice cream, but is in fact, thinking about how she is going to tell Fritz .......

    To be continued .....

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    Brilliant Loving the story, I can't wait for the next installment!

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    Ditto! I especially love the fav? The one of the goats performance! Bravo
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    Gosh darn that delivery truck! Now I shall have to cease the soiree's preparations for a bit to track down Mary P. and see if she will spill the beans!

    Has anyone else noticed the dratted woman hardly speaks above a cat's purr when she's asked a direct question, yet the very moment no one wants to know anything, she's a veritable trumpet on the rooftops?!

    So glad to know the whole crowd from the R&F will be attending! My tribe of Fred and Hildas are terribly excited to see their kin, and I've promised them that so long as the guests do not lack for anything, they are free to mingle and visit.

    Starting this afternoon my farm will be in the first stages of major soirée overhaul, so if you pop in and see things in a bit of an upheaval, no need to worry. If you don't see me at first, just poke around...I'll most likely be moving machinery and relandscaping.

    The colonel confided in me just this morning that he has something special planned, but he refuses to divulge so much as a hint as to what it might be. I rather think he enjoys teasing me so, since he knows that I'm positively the world's worst at bearing suspense!

    BTW, I've got my fingers crossed that the new chat feature will be up and running in time for the big day!

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    BTW, I've got my fingers crossed that the new chat feature will be up and running in time for the big day![/QUOTE]

    wouldnt that be wonderful.

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    What sneaky, yet resourceful, folk Fritz and Aunt Hilda are! I have an idea of what Aunt Hilda wants to tell Fritz, but you just never know what it might be...

    What horrible timing for the delivery truck to zoom by...right when juicy was being divulged!

    LadyJEM, how exciting...a surprise from the Colonel!! Of course, you will need to fill us all in the day after the soiree.

    The Major told me just yesterday that he has an assignment he needs to complete on Friday, so we may be a bit late if he isn't able to finish early. He did promise we would only be a little late, if it came to that, and I told him that would be fine...we would be "fashionably late". Do you know yet what time you would like your guests to begin arriving? I can't wait...I have my dress, shoes, clutch purse, and jewelry all ready (unless we get a new shiny diamond brooch we can craft in the jewelry maker beforehand, then will need to add that to my accessorizing), and best of all, a handsome escort!!

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