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Thread: Teckademic - Recruitment Thread - (Mature, Fun, Farming)

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    Welcome to the Teckademic Family Recruitment Thread

    We are comprised of 2 clans.

    Teckademic & Teckademic Farm

    Teckademic began in Feb. 2014. We are a friendly but competitive group of players. We are mostly USA & Canada based with a few international players. There is about twenty people between the clans that know each other in real life. We are an 18+ age family.

    Please take a look at your two options below.

    TECKADEMIC (Clan Rank 8) - Teckademic Website

    War clan with 2x wars per week with the option to opt in/opt out. Expert/Elite players only. Fast paced donations and a lot of activity required. Facebook required. ClashCaller Required. A few secondary low level accounts are kept in clan for favorable war match up.

    We are looking for like minded people who have previous team based gaming experience and do their part to help the team. If you are a relaxed and passive player then Teckademic is not for you. We are targeting people with existing Clans experience. (Former Clan leaders, co-leaders and elders etc..). Our goal is to build an elite squad of people that understand the values & strategy of the game.

    Clan Name: Teckademic
    Clan Tag: #8YQU8CJ
    Location: USA
    Goal: War & Fast paced donations/activity
    Looking for: Minimum of Town Hall 8 with competent War Army, combined Level 15 Heroes
    Requests: Be Active, Donate Troops, Use Attacks
    War: 2x per week with Option to Opt in or Opt out. 1 of which is mandatory.
    Clan War Record: 110 Wins

    Leader is in charge of member monitoring to make sure players are active and donating.
    Co-Leaders are in charge of recruiting, using forums, defense and attack logs of Clanless players and using Global/US ranking lists to attract new talent.

    Hope to see you in the clan channel, any questions please reply to this thread. Thank you.

    Teckademic - Clan Rules

    1. Activity - is necessary to be a member. If you will be inactive for a period of longer than a week or during a war please leave the clan or opt out.

    2. Donations - are mandatory. 300 donations per 2 Weeks is the bare minimum. Donation ratio is not accounted for.

    3. Contact - members are required to join the clan Facebook page to participate in voting, polls, war strategy, war rules of engagement etc.

    4. War - attacks must be used if you opted in. Clash Caller is used. Facebook is also required. Talk about your attack in chat before going in.

    5. Adults - since we are all adults, clan chat may involve offensive language, wise guy jokes, sarcastic behavior. We require members to have a sense of humor and to be competitive. Racist jokes or derogatory terms will result in immediate kicking.

    To Join Teckademic: Send an in game join request with the words "Jsn, from forums"

    War log. (Jan. 2015) Participation in war is 98%+

    Top 50 in USA (Push from Jan. 2015)

    TECKADEMIC FARM (Clan Rank 10) - Teckademic Farm Website

    Teckademic Farm began in Jan. 2015. The clan is geared towards mid/high level farmers. Teck Farm does XP/Loot wars back to back and once per season, a smaller optionable real war. We are part of Farm War Alliance, group of 300+ clans that synchronize war search in order to match like minded clans for farm wars.

    The goal of the clan is to provide quick donations and allow members to work on their towns, upgrades, and heroes. Less pressure and less serious than our main clan. Teckademic Farm gives members that meet the qualifications, the ability to move between the war & farm clans within reason. Facebook is required.

    Clan Name: Teckademic Farm
    Clan Tag: #P8R009QC
    Location: USA
    Goal: Back to Back XP/Loot Wars & 1 Real War Per Season
    Looking for: Town Hall 9+
    Requests: Donations & Activity
    War: Rarely (Smaller sized real wars for people who opt in & XP/Loot wars)

    Guild Structure: 6 Leaders, Elders to be decided based on activity.

    To Join Teckademic Farm: Please send an in game join request with the words "from forums"

    Thank you for your interest in joining the Teckademic Family.

    Teckademic Family now on Clash Royale!

    See our recruitment thread & info here:
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