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Thread: Holder Clashers (recruiting) season4 CWL lite

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    Holder Clashers (recruiting) season4 CWL lite


    About Holder Clashers:

    We were one of the verified competitive war clans (together with names like OneHive). We are featured on♥OneHive Raidsí hitchhiker series♥and have our own YouTube channel!

    We are a group of people who are friendly, mature, competitive players who always strive to be the best of the best at the game. Our members are dedicated to helping others become the best that they can be! That being said, we are also mostly adults with jobs, families, and lives outside of Clash, so a casual chat about life is always a welcoming topic. We are part of the North Family, which includes North Remembers, North Awakens, and North Faction!♥

    Our focus will be on participating in potlucks and the occasional arranged war.♥We are also participating in CWL Season 4 in its Lite League!
    Expect everyone to take the game seriously and to have members who execute war attacks with precision. Clashers is a clan that focuses on winning every war that we search for. We are a serious warring clan that is also very relaxed and focused on improving every war. Also a great clan to go to if you wish to learn 3 star strategies, but haven't quite mastered them yet as we are willing to teach as well.

    Clan Tag: #9JPQV9JG♥
    - TH9s: 25/25 minimum, max war troops
    - TH10s: 35/35 minimum, max war troops, max spell factory
    - TH11s: 40/40/20 minimum, same requirements as TH10
    - No rushed bases or troops
    - Good war performance
    - High activity levels
    - Respectable to others

    Note that Holder Clashers use Discord for communication in and out of war. These are required to war with us as these are essential to our success at Holder Clashers.

    If you are interested in joining Holder Clashers, start it off by joining our Discord room here:, where we will simply check your profile and war base to see where you
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