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Thread: !!! URGENT !!! Help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny99 View Post
    I am honest. I didn't receive the gems, it was in one day. Happy?
    Then you will have to keep contacting apple about a refund. SC cannot do anything

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    Ok then you will have to prove you did not receive those gems as you are asking for a refund that amounts to a considerable figure.
    Apple do have a right to ask you to seek some advice as i said the emphasis is for you to prove the service/goods were not received.
    In this case they are no doubt thinking how you could spend the said amount while not receiving the gems as you have to do multiple purchases.
    heres the problem you could claim back through your credit card company depending on what protection you have with the the card if say Apple don't refund. However Apple also have the right to suspend your account using their TOS which you agreed to.
    personally I believe you will need to contact Supercell via support as a first step if Apple have instructed you to do so. Its important to keep all forms of communication.

    you need to insure you keep the Apple receipts which are sent via email, a copy via your Apple account which you log into and your credit card statements showing these purchases.

    So your first step is use the in game support function and email the query you have and wait for assistance.
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    Don't get me wrong, I feel for you if you have lost that amount of money. But, a couple of questions.

    1. How can you spend that much in a day on a game, and not realise you haven't got the hens you say you paid for?

    2. How long ago did this happen?

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