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Thread: 32 diamonds lost

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    32 diamonds lost

    A month ago I accidently speed up a olive tree while reviving other trees (16 diamonds lost). Today I accidently did this again. While clicking all THE ty notes at high speed, I clicked on a tree and then THE speedup. I have lost quite Some diamonds in this way and I was wondering if there is way to get this diamonds back.

    ty in advance,

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    I'm afraid speedups and purchases cannot be reversed even if accidental. I understand that this is frustrating for you. Been there, done that. They are working on rolling out a confirmation button (in beta testing with random users) to help reduce the chances of accidental expenditures, but there is no way of knowing when it will be rolled out for all users.

    Many of us have found that using a stylus drastically cuts back on all sorts of errors, especially accidental speedups and purchases because the tip is so much smaller than a fingertip and it grants a better view of the screen while tapping about. You may wish to possibly consider trying one out to tide you over. Personally, I'll continue to use mine even afterwards as it's accuracy and the extra vision it allows on my iPhone is just too good to give up.
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