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Thread: Archer Queen New Abilities

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    Archer Queen New Abilities

    Well it sounds awesome to me! Not exactly what I was hoping for but should be good. Thoughts?

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    AQ - Royal Cloak Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Tim[Supercell] View Post
    Sneak Peek #5 - Hero Ability: Royal Cloak! The Archer Queen hides from and becomes invisible to all enemy defenses for a short time. All hail the sneaky Queen!

    Forum Exclusive:
    > To activate the Royal Cloak, tap the Archer Queen's icon again after deploying her.
    > She becomes invisible and untargetable temporarily; any defenses attacking her will stop and find new targets.
    > A group of fierce (some say smart-alecky) Archers are called in to reinforce their Queen upon activation.
    > The first rank unlocks for free at Hero level 5 and improves in strength every additional 5 Hero levels.
    > Note, she can still set off traps when invisible.
    > BONUS: Get your Heroes back into battle faster by boosting their recovery 4x while sleeping!

    Well there you have it. The AQ gets her own ability and it appears to be a stealth ability with archer summing attached to it.

    Looks like lvl 40 heros are going to kick some serious butt.

    I'll try to keep this thread updated


    1) Do I have to upgrade her ability?
    -Comes with her automatically at level 5

    2) Does the level affect the number of archers spawned
    Yes, every 5 levels gets you a bigger "hand full"

    3) Can she use her ability on defense
    No, needs to be activated

    4) What level are the archers?
    Whatever level your archers are

    5) Does the duration of the invisibility increase every 5 levels?

    6) What is the gem boosting thing about?
    Now heros can get X4 regeneration for the same cost as a barracks. So 10 gems for 2 hours =X4 regeneration.

    7) How many times can I use her ability?
    Once per battle

    8) What is the duration of this invisibility?
    At lvl 5 its been state it would be 2.5 seconds, and increase every 5 levels after that.
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    I think archer queen just became huge >_>..

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    The main advantage I see is to toggle this ability and drop down another troop so the tower(s) switch target and allow her to get a few more shots in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Giggitygoo View Post
    The main advantage I see is to toggle this ability and drop down another troop so the tower(s) switch target and allow her to get a few more shots in.
    exactly, which can be useful
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    Hey imagine high level gameplay in gowiwi once aq is in the core invisible while raged will be hard to kill

    How long will she dissapear?

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    I wonder if clan castle troops are attacking the queen and you hit the ability button, will they stop attacking her too?
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    Love it!! Lets get the update already!

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    kind of an odd ability, I'm kind of on the fence. Guess I'll see soon as my AQ is done upgrading. But hey, new content! I'm happy. Lol
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    In terms of game balance, I believe it just tilted hugely to offense. I guess I will have to use some gems to boost there healing if they are going to be this strong.

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