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    Goodbye Forums - Farewell Thread

    Hey Forumers,

    Today is the day. I tried getting one last stay of execution but unfortunately it was not to be. The process to begin moving over to read-only will start at 4pm Helsinki time. From that point forward, the forums will be in read-only mode and no new posts will be able to be made. We'll keep the forums in read-only until some point in August or September, where we'll completely shut the forums down.

    So I thought I'd create this thread for everyone to have a chance to say their farewells, maybe share some fond memories, so we don't go out with a whisper but with perhaps a little bit of sentimental celebration.

    Whether you want to post your favorite memes, or anything else (as long as it still adheres to the forum moderation rules) now is your chance to get some final posts in.

    Thank you to our awesome moderators for the tireless job they've done. Despite much of the vitriol they receive, many have no idea just how hard these moderators have worked by volunteering their own free time over the years. So much of what they do goes on behind the scenes, and I will truly miss their presence here.

    And thank you to our amazing community. Small we might be, but quiet is not one of the adjectives that would describe you bunch of miscreants. I love all of you, including the ones who've been a monstrous pain in my ♥♥♥ over the past 4 years. I'm sorry things didn't work out for the better on the forums and, again, I hope we'll cross paths on other platforms.

    It's been a singular honor and privilege to have been a part of this community. Thank you for accepting me into it.

    AKA Tank Puppy

    If you have account-related questions like account bans or Supercell ID issues, please contact Player Support at this link. Please note that Community Managers and Forum Moderators are unable to assist or answer any account-related questions.

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    It's ashame as the forum got better with your presence on it as community manager, but declined nevertheless. Thank you for your efforts, patience, memes and all your information and communication on behalve of Supercell which was lacking before.

    Many reasons for the decline have been given in the announcement thread, some reasons couldn't be discussed which was part of the problem imo. It didn't had to come this far.

    I will miss the forum. The discussions, the source of information, the members.
    Good luck to you all! Clash on!

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    It is a shame that this day has come already... Hopefully see you all on the other social media sites. Farewell, forums.
    Clash Ninja - Upgrade and Stats Tracker (Creator Code: Ninja) - Forum Thread

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    It's been a wonderful 4 years here. Thanks everyone and stay in touch!
    Thank you Darian for all the hard work you have poured into this forum. As I've said before, you have been an outstanding Community Manager and I, for one of many, can't thank you enough. Maybe we'll see you on the slopes one Winter during your next trip to Tahoe!

    Hat's off to you on a job well done!
    (Grand Opening 5/28/21)

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    I have to add my thanks to Darian for all the work and time you have put into these forums.

    And of course, to all the other mods for helping keep the place civil.

    And to the large majority of forumers whose input here has kept the discussions lively and interesting.

    These forums have been a major part of my life for about 6.5 years now, with nearly 5 years of that as a moderator. I will miss them badly, but life goes on.

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    Goodbye everyone it was a fun 6 years which I can’t believe flew by so fast.

    The smirk shall live forever.

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    Thanks Everyone for 8 Years <3........Join Just Hay Day
    Thank you for this time as forumer, Game Specialist, and Forum Moderator. It's been an incredible 8 years.

    My time on the forum has really brought me so many wonderful things. I enjoyed my time here and have made long-time friends with several people.

    I got to go to Finland, which was quite far for me where I lived and required 3 flights! But it was great going to Helsinki and Lapland, seeing snow, chilling in a cool cabin, dog-sledding, and eating Finnish pancakes with cream (so yum).

    I met Cowslips who I have hung out with twice and who is my cherished friend.

    I met the lovely Raindragon who is in my heart always and who I will always miss. May she rest in peace. Please remember her always, as she loved this community and all of you.

    Never in a million years when I one day downloaded Hay Day did I think that I would end up marrying someone who one day downloaded Boom Beach. Bakunin is so kind, respectful, and wonderful. Each day I am shown what true love is and I never would have met him if not for Supercell. So much had to fall into place for us to meet that it still blows our minds sometimes.

    Thank you Darian and Nick for helping us all through the years.

    I wish everyone luck in their future endeavors.

    Stop by and say hello on Just Hay Day if any of you ever get a chance.

    Can't find any good memes but highly recommend two Scottish comedy sketch shows (which are my utter faves and I quote often to Bakunin lol): Limmy's Show and Burnistoun. Watch them, you won't regret it.
    If you can't post and the forums are read-only, then the forums are now closed.
    Come join the new unofficial Hay Day forum, we just got to 300 members!

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    Ontario, Canada
    Rest in Peace

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    hi jester im your biggest fan

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    Om shanti to forum.
    Hope to see you (Darian) on Twitter.

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