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Thread: whats with the two-times upgrade

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    whats with the two-times upgrade

    just curious why we're getting two-times upgrade particularly on Archer Tower & Cannon starting from th8 (and skipped th9)? aside from economy perspective, is there any reason behind it?

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    Two times upgrade means you get a lot more stronger.

    And probably it allows you to dump your loot more so that you donít max really fast. Once TH 9,10 and 11 used to be higher THs, so maybe it was one of the methods of SC to prevent people from maxing out fast and get bored then. Still when new TH has been introduced this system has prevailed, which I personally think that SC have provided players to upgrade something at each TH to ensure a longer play before they get maxed. On the other hand, though the two-upgrade system is still prevailing in TH 9s and 10s, upgrade cost and time has been decreased a lot to help them upgrade faster.

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