We are a group of friendly people looking for both experienced and inexperienced players. We can teach you about the game, and depending on your level of experience we can learn stuff from you.
We currently have 16-18 members and we’re still growing. We’re always doing wars and always donating troops to each other.

We have a set of rules that are easy to follow/:
- Use both attacks in war
- if you would like to opt out of war, please let someone know in chat as well as using the opt out function
- donate when needed. If we are in attacking phase of a war, ask if the member wants to wait on higher level troops from a different member
- participate in clan games
- keep the chat pg (we will be making a discord for the older members)
- must donate 250 per month at the very least to stay in clan
- we get donations filled within 2hours

We aren’t looking for any specific town hall level. As long as you’re active and willing to learn, we can take in lower town halls. We currently have 4-5 town hall 9s, 3-4 town hall 10s, 2 town hall 11a and the rest of the clan are between town hall 5-8.

Clan name: EMP Unlimited
Leader name: GE3
Clan Tag: #2YYGCJJ08

If you’d like to inquire directly my Instagram is: georgeegbertsiii