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Thread: Greg's gifts

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    Greg's gifts

    Hi, was there a tenth gift from Greg on his farm?

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    Just Hay Day
    Quote Originally Posted by xenkitty View Post
    Hi, was there a tenth gift from Greg on his farm?
    it is Hay Day’s 9th birthday, so 9 gifts… maybe next year!

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    And it's telling me that things are not the same
    Greg needs to learn counting.

    When Birthday Calendar was announced, it is said we have till 25th June to claim the gifts. Today (23rd June), tweets said it was the last day to claim the gift.

    24th June disappeared.... or so it seems.

    Anyway, I left a box #2 unclaimed to see when it will be gone (either 0 or 8 UTC).

    Edit: Box stayed till 25th June 08:00 UTC then gone.
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