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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post

    I have had 2FA on my email

    I wouldn't share them at all, TBH, though if it is vital somebody else have access to your accounts in the event of your incapacity, then maybe you should.
    It’s hard for the young to be persuaded to prepare for unexpected death or incapacity, and it is not easy for them to do it in any case. It’s one thing to write a will, and another thing to choose an executor who won’t pre-decease you. Lawyers, and their firms, may not outlast you. Still, it is something to consider.

    Do you want your family to have access to your emails? All of them, or some selection? 2FA may be easy, if they have your phone. Providing your executor with a list of accounts and passwords reduces costs considerably. Game accounts might seem silly to your parents, but could be significant to your friends. Bank account details would help, especially if you have others than what your employer uses and for which you carry cards.

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