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    We should got answers or a vote for the community

    Can you just put a vote for everyone inside or outside the game for the idea of the return of the public chat and let's see the number that wants to return it and why always you ignore the posts of the community of clashers, I know someone will come now and close the topic and write rolled out ideas, So please can you mention some super cell leaders here I want see if really it can be back or not , we waited so long for this moment happened, and again please donít look it.

    The community should got answers , if it was about the police so many games in these days are not using chat only they are using a voice chat too so please donít say itís about police there is always a way to do it.

    Again please donít ignore what the community need just mention for higher rank here.


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    Clash is not a democracy.

    Any such vote would have no significance, even if you could get a significant portion of the players to take part.

    And we did get answers. There were reasons given in the thread announcing the closure.

    There is zero possibility of global chat returning.

    And you are quite right, this IS a ruled out idea, and so this WILL be closed.

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