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Thread: GDP | #2L22JUQR | TH8+ | Clan LVL 2 | War, CWL, Friendly Environment

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    GDP | #2L22JUQR | TH8+ | Clan LVL 2 | War, CWL, Friendly Environment

    We are recruiting for players that are TH8+ who is active and ready to be in war. We are also looking for some players who are willing to donate from time to time.

    We are very chill, relaxed, and create a friendly environment where we help our player get better and provide a family oriented atmosphere, respect and communication is the key in our clan, and there is full of it!

    Whats to be expected from us:

    • Active Clan and Donators
    • Back 2 Back Wars all the time
    • Max Clan Games
    • Help and Tips + Friendly Enviroment

    Whats to be expected:

    • Both attacks in war are used
    • Donations time to time
    • Opt out of war if not going to be active
    • Communication (this is very helpful for the clan)
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