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Thread: New th10 looking for a war clan

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    New th10 looking for a war clan

    Hi, I am a new th10 with level 27 hero’s and a non rushed base. I am a friendly player, I participate in all wars, all clan games and all clan war leagues. I am happy to help out with donations as much as possible. I am not too fussed about getting promotions I just want the clan to do well in wars and keep grinding the game. My player tag is #L8C2P2VJY, please feel free to either invite me or reply to this thread and we can get in contact. )

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    Hello my friend, I guess we might make a good eam together. we are basically building clan with level2
    looking forward to level up with your expertise in clan war skills.dont leave the clan thats the only request..
    CLAN NAME; Uzumaki ;level2
    Leader name; Savitar
    Our clan name may be weird, its actually anime inspired sorry for that..HOPING YOU WOULD COME

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    We are the Storm Troopers.

    Why should you join our clan:
    - we love war and start it consistently
    - We are a friendly community of people that will welcome you in
    - We are interested in war league
    - We participate in clan games

    What are the main focus of our clan:
    War, war league, clan games. These are our main activities but we like a bit of everything also.

    The rules of our clan are; you must participate in war, you must donate, you must be active, and you must not be toxic.

    We are currently recruiting members to grow our clan. Come join in on the fun and become a Storm Trooper today.

    We would LOVE to have you on OUR TEAM!

    Our clan tag is:


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    We are Do(mi)nators. We are a pretty small clan and we are in need of members. We focus on clan wars, clan war leagues and donations!

    Out clan tag is:

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    Invite sent;

    Do you even? | Spicewood Nexus clans
    We’re looking for low key, no drama, friendly people who take the game seriously, solid attackers or those who want help to get there. We war frequently. We donate freely so that everyone can improve. We get after Clan Games. CWL bonuses are distributed so that the entire clan improves and gets stronger.

    Stop by and tell them Goatman sent you.

    Do you even? | #88Y9LGUJ | Lvl 22
    For Town Hall 13 & 14 only, we’d like to see good hero levels and war experience.
    CWL: 30v30 Master II

    Spicewood Nexus | #Q2VL2V08 | Lvl 9
    For Town Hall 8 & up
    We have two town hall 13’s as anchors.
    CWL: 30v30 Gold III

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    Hello! We would love to have you apart of our clan if you are interested! We are a back to back war looking for players like you to help grow our clan.

    Little bit about us, our clan name is Steel Edge, we are lvl 9 currently in Gold 1. I have been running this clan for over a year now. We are very friendly, talkative and active clan.

    Here is our clan tag so you can take a look at our clan for yourself: #2PU8VULQQ
    You can also search our clan name if that is easier as there are only a few inactive clans with the same name.

    Hope to see you soon! Have a great day man!

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    Bergens | TH9+ | Clan Level 3 | B2B War, Max Clan Games, CWL - you’re just what we’re looking for!

    Hello, we are Bergens!

    We are an established clan looking for active members for war, clan games players, and CWL participants. We are primarily looking for TH9+ players to join since we are mainly TH9-10s with some TH8s and TH11s. We even have a TH12 and TH14!

    Our clan consists of an active and friendly chat, consistent donations, and back to back war. We are 45+ members strong. We have maxed out clan games and will participate in the next CWL. At peak times, there are 5-8 people online at once. We also reached a 6 war win streak. What are you waiting for? Join Bergens today and let’s get to 50 members!

    Clan Tag: #2YLQRLLRC Clan Link: Bergens

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