Dear Hay Day team!
Playing for many years, I had some ideas about updates, as well as some new solutions. And you know during the game .. in my case it's been almost 10 years, i thought about something that would make the game easier for me and everyone 🙂 ideas that may resolve many conflicts both in the clan and between people - our community of farmers 🙂

My idea received positive opinions among people in the clan only. It is: the mail! We have a postman handing out letters, why not give him extra work? They handed out packages with items that we want to send to our friends from the clan or often to our additional character (we like to go back to the memories, when we were at hayday beginning). More than once, by passing things between people in the clan through the store, someone steals them ... there are a lot of people who are joining the clans waiting only when they can rob someone. It would certainly make the game easier for us, and we would avoid many conflicts, both in the clan and on forums, which only warn us against such dishonest players.
To be precise, it would be best if parcels could only be sent between people in the clan, we would avoid littering our barn with people who like to tease in the game. The weight of the parcel would be specified and we could open it with a suitable place in the barn. we farmers are counting on an answer ... and we keep our fingers crossed for the projects to succeed