Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, GDP is a new, active clan looking for active players to build our clan foundation!

We are currently looking for any players that are TH7 (Non-Rushed) and above who are ready to have fun and be in war. We dont mind if you are a new player, or veteran, or someone who is in it to have fun, we are just looking to build our clan and to win some wars.

In our clan we dont have many rules, we are very laid back, and sometimes make fun of eachothers attacks. We always are doing back-to-back wars, maxing clan games, and trying our hardest at CWL, everyone will be registered into CWL to get the most medals possible. Make sure to use all of your attacks in war.

For our clan we dont have any tryouts, or discord. Again, ofcourse we take the game serious but the idea is to be fun. Primarly we are looking for active donators, people who like to war, and just people who like to talk in the chat.
Hope to see yall in the clan, see you later!