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Thread: Events on builder base

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    Events on builder base

    The builder base village should have events too. Attention to the builder base should be also given. Events like double loot, or spell combos, or bilder base troop travel to the main village and more should be added to make it more fun and it'll also gain more popularity too.

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    Given the lack of any updates at all for 2 years on the builder base it's completely unnecessary to have builder base events at the moment.

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    Given that there are four weeks in a month and only two are currently marked by events, a builder base event will be a nice addition for a filler week. If the rewards are good, it would also be a great way to speed up player progress for Supercell as more and more Town Hall levels get added. I proposed an event in my "Clan Forager Event" post currently at the end of page 1, though it doesn't seem many people are interested.
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