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Thread: New th9

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    New th9

    Would like to join a level 10+ clan who are ver active and do cwl

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    Not lv 10 but lv 5. But always in war & CWL. friendly and always active in donation

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    [RECRUITING] Lethal Family Academy

    ☬ABOUT US:
    We're a semi-serious war clan family currently taking our first steps towards competitive clash! We're social clans as well, so we're looking for players like you who love to war, chat and are looking for a more serious but fun environment! Since we seem to be a perfect match, why don't you keep on reading to learn more about us!

    ⫸Exciting back to back wars with a competitive edge where members can show off their awesome attacking skills!
    ⫸Step by step walk-throughs on how to perfect the latest attack strategies.
    ⫸Tips on how to identify different bases and design your own base.
    ⫸Fun and recurring 'clan events' to keep the game new and fresh!
    ⫸Great conversations with other players to get to know them better and make personal connections. We don't only talk about the game in clan chat!
    ⫸Close-knit community where we can learn and grow together
    ⫸4 clans for all skill levels and all th levels
    ⫸We also have event clans where we hold events such as 50v50 wars and friendly wars.
    ⫸Clans are independently run by co leaders but i am leader so there is none of the usual inter clan politics many clan families have.
    ⫸We have an active discord for better communication and social interaction between all clans discord is not essential but will help your opportunity for promotion.
    ⫸All clans have access to max level troops and siege.

    ☬Lethal freedom #28VJ0CC00 accepting TH12 and above no rushed accounts
    ☬Born lethal #2P8UCJRGG accepting TH8 and above no rushed accounts will accept rushed TH12s and 13s.
    ☬2x lethal #2YQRL2UCR accepting all TH levels including rushed accounts as long as you are working to fix them.
    ☬lethal Elites #2LG9LPU2G is our new start up so accepting any and all accounts for now.
    ☬Must be fluent in English. It just makes communication easier!
    ☬Active talkers and donators who are serious about war and like to have fun. It makes us more active and shows that we support each other.
    ☬Hungry learners and experienced players willing to learn new attack strategies and base building!
    ☬Clans are independently run by co leaders but I am leader so there is none of the usual inter clan politics many clan families have.

    ☬Always make both war attacks and follow the war strategy.
    ☬Always opt out of war if heroes are down or for personal reasons

    Are There Any Opportunities for Promotions?
    ☬How to become an elder:
    ⫸Be active on the clan chat AND discord (talkative, donating regularly, warring, meeting clan games requirements, etc). Although this is required of all members, it's still important to reiterate and let's us know that you're still with us!
    ⫸Help recruit like minded members to join our family.
    ⫸Follow the clan, war, and server rules. Also participate in clan events because they're exciting!
    ⫸Welcome new members to the clan/server
    ⫸Regularly contribute ideas that we'll promote the growth of the clan.

    ☬Expectations of elders:
    Everything stated above in addition to:
    ⫸Ensure that all members (including yourself) are following the war, server, and clan rules.
    ⫸Encourage participation of clan events.
    ⫸Regularly/genuinely contribute in the elder chat and meet the deadlines of clan requests.
    ⫸Remove/bring attention to members who have been warned and aren't following the rules.
    ⫸Be sure to greet new members who join the server, answer any questions they may have, and let them know that I'll interview them as soon as I can if I'm not on.

    ☬Expectations of co-leaders:
    Everything previously stated in addition to:
    ⫸Help manage the clan. This includes running wars, sending out clan mail, running events, developing war strategies, etc.
    ⫸Run the clan while I am away or busy. As a co-leader, you are basically the leader while I am gone. You are expected to be responsible and ensure that the clan continues to run smoothly.
    ⫸There is also the opportunity to be promoted to leader as we have plans to expand our family.

    How can I apply?
    ☬You may apply to join our family on the game by searching for our clan tags for the respected clan you wish to join.
    ☬Msg me on here
    ☬Contact me on discord my tag is yoee#0347

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    Cultured People

    Tired of not being in a guild?
    Tired of not having a girlfriend?
    I can help you with the first thing.
    Whisper me for an invite to Cultured People today,
    to start getting those troops.

    Who are we?
    We are a group of people who came back after 2 years,
    started our own clan a month ago.

    About our clan:
    Level 5<-
    Members: 43/50<-
    War frequency: Always (not mandatory)<-
    CWL: Gold II<-
    Clan Games: 80k/90k points<-
    And we have OUR OWN discord server<-
    Language: English<-

    What do we want from you?
    Non-rushed Town Hall<-
    Preferred minimum TH9<-
    Daily activity<-
    To donate troops IF you can<-
    And to speak English<-

    -Inactive people will be kicked out-

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